What She Wishes You Knew About Sex: A Man’s Guide to Becoming a Great Lover

What She Wishes You Knew About Sex: A Man’s Guide to Becoming a Great Lover PDF

Author: Alexandra Banning

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services


Publish Date: January 20, 2016


Pages: 77

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface


… and CONGRATULATIONS on taking steps toward discovering new sexual heights with women. This book is designed to get you inside a woman’s head (as well as her panties) so you can please her in ways she’s never known before, and that she may not even be able to tell you about.

If you’re expecting this book to be one of those manuals about how to use clever pickup lines so you can score, or how you can manipulate women’s emotions for sex, you’re in the wrong place. It won’t help you lure women out of a bar or Get In, Get Off, Get Going. It is written in the hopes that even if you take just a handful of new ideas away after reading it, it will increase your awareness and expertise as a great lover.

You may be a virgin, you may have slept with whole sororities, you may be married or single, but everyone can benefit from learning new things. The goal of this book is simple: to please you, as well as her. If you wind up with three great new tips that put a satisfied smile on her face, then my work here will be worth it!

Whether you’re in a relationship and want to take sex to a new level with your lover, or you want to know more so you can give unimaginable pleasure to your next partner, it pays to get some fresh pointers on technique.

If your goal is to be one of those rare, wonderful men who take the time to get to know what truly pleasures women, keep reading. I’m planning to bare ALL.

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Epub February 27, 2016

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