University Physics with Modern Physics 2nd Edition

University Physics with Modern Physics 2nd Edition PDF

Author: Wolfgang Bauer and Gary Westfall

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: January 3, 2013

ISBN-10: 0073513881

Pages: 1384

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

A book like the one that you are holding in your hands is impossible to produce without tremendous work by an incredible number of dedicated individuals. First and foremost, we would like to thank the talented marketing and editorial team from McGraw-Hill who worked on the first two editions of the text: Marty Lange, Kent Peterson, Thomas Timp, Ryan Blankenship, Mary Hurley, Liz Recker, Daryl Bruflodt, Lisa Nicks, Dan Wallace, and, in particular, Michael Lange, Eve Lipton, Bill Welsh, Curt Reynolds, and Deb Hash helped us in innumerable ways and managed to reignite our enthusiasm after each revision. Their team spirit, good humor, and unbending optimism kept us on track and always made it fun for us to put in the seemingly endless hours it took to produce the manuscript.

The developmental editors, Richard Heinz, David Chelton, Mary Hurley, and Eve Lipton, helped us work through the near infinite number of comments and suggestions for improvements from our reviewers. They, as well as the reviewers and our board of advisors, deserve a large share of the credit for improving the quality of the final manuscript. Our colleagues on the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University—Alexandra Gade, Alex Brown, Bernard Pope, Carl Schmidt, Chong-Yu Ruan, C.P. Yuan, Dan Stump, Ed Brown, Hendrik Schatz, Kris Starosta, Lisa Lapidus, Michael Harrison, Michael Moore, Reinhard Schwienhorst, Salemeh Ahmad, S.B. Mahanti, Scott Pratt, Stan Schriber, Tibor Nagy, and Thomas Duguet—helped us in innumerable ways as well, teaching their classes and sections with the materials developed by us and in the process providing invaluable feedback on what worked and what needed additional refinement. We thank all of them. We also thank all of our problem contributors for sharing some of their best work with us, in particular, Richard Hallstein, who took on the task of organizing and processing all the contributions.

At the point when we turned in the final manuscript to the publisher, a whole new army of professionals took over and added another layer of refinement, which transformed a manuscript into a book. Kurt Norlin and the team at LaurelTech (a division of diacriTech) worked through each and every homework problem, each exercise, and each number and equation we wrote down. The photo researchers, in particular, Danny Meldung, improved the quality of the images used in the book immensely, and they made the selection process fun for us. The team at Precision Graphics used our original drawings but improved their quality substantially, while at the same time remaining true to our original calculations that went into producing the drawings. Our copyeditor, Jane Hoover, pulled it all together in the end, deciphered our scribbling, and made sure that the final product is as readable as possible. McGraw-Hill’s design and production team of Jayne Klein, David Hash, Carrie Burger, Sandy Ludovissy, Tammy Juran, Judi David, Mary Powers, Sherry Padden, and Annette Doerr expertly guided the book and its ancillary materials through to publication. All of them deserve our tremendous gratitude.

Finally, we could not have made it through the last decade of effort without the support of our families, who had to put up with us working on the book through untold evenings, weekends, and even during many vacations. We hope that all of their patience and encouragement has paid off, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us during the completion of this book.

—Wolfgang Bauer
—Gary D. Westfall

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