The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil

Author: David Wilcock

Publisher: Dutton


Publish Date: August 15, 2017

ISBN-10: 1101984090

Pages: 528

File Type: EPUB

Language: English

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Book Preface

Imagine a life of supernatural, godlike powers. Instantaneous telepathy, where you read others’ minds so effectively that words are obsolete. Levitation, where you soar into the air with nothing more than the power of your thoughts. Telekinesis, where you levitate objects, even of colossal size, and command them to move with your mind. Materialization, where you can create anything you want as easily as you once opened your mouth to speak. Time travel, where you jump into the past and fast-forward into the future with stunning clarity. The “veil” between living and dying, which caused you to forget that you had a greater identity beyond each mortal life, has now dropped. In every moment you are fully aware that you are a soul having a human experience. Your level of intelligence is now vastly greater than anything you had access to in the past.
Is this a dream? A case of ridiculous wishful thinking that has no grounding in reality? Or is it possible that the world’s great spiritual teachers were telling you the truth? Are you walking around in a state of amnesia, oblivious to who and what you really are? Could the choices you make and the thoughts you think be far more important than you might ever realize? Is there a cosmic battle between good and evil playing out in the seemingly mundane struggles of your everyday life? Is this hidden battle also raging behind the headlines of many of the world’s most noteworthy events? Is ascension—a graduation into a higher level of existence—your ultimate goal for being human? And are there negative forces in the universe that feed on your fear, anger, guilt, and shame and will stop at nothing to prevent you from achieving this quantum leap in your evolution? Are we witnessing a tremendous competition over who gets to control our planet? Would these negative forces literally die without our selfishness, jealousy, materialism, greed, and loneliness providing them with an energy supply? Have these forces been fighting a battle that has gone on for hundreds of thousands of years—in their own conscious memory?
You are about to enter a world where all these questions have answers. We are threatened with doom and destruction from a seemingly impossible array of villainous forces. Not only do we have an “elite” who appear to thrive on creating wars, financial catastrophes, plagues, and chaos, nature itself appears to have betrayed us. Our planet is dying. The water is disappearing. The animals are being hunted into extinction. Every year the temperatures are getting hotter. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and superstorms threaten our lives and planet.
People tend to think the ancient spiritual tales are only “mythology,” whereas we live in the “real world,” which is far more lonely and threatening. Humans often use denial and addictive behaviors to push the unpleasant and seemingly inevitable truth of mass destruction out of our minds. Then, when the truth comes blasting out of its feeble packaging, it triggers a hidden sense of hopelessness once more, and we crash-land into another deep, dark depression of profound loneliness. Now we believe in God—when things are at their worst—and in our private hell we cry out, “Why? Why? Why?”
You may have been fortunate enough to come into contact with what many visionaries have called “ageless wisdom.” You may have had a near-death experience, where you caught a glimpse of the greater reality beyond the veil of living and dying. You may have had a dream so beautiful and breathtaking that you woke up in tears, longing for the promise of a new tomorrow. You may have had a peak emotional event, either of extreme terror or utter ecstasy, and broken through to that resplendent calm that is the bounty enjoyed by all the great masters—where time slows to a crawl and you see your life from an “overview” perspective. Something may have happened to you that was so utterly bizarre, so undeniably supernatural, that your entire being seemed to tingle and vibrate in amazement. For those few precious moments, you touched the essence of something truly profound. You experienced a reality where there is no fear, no pain, no loss or loneliness—only love, joy, happiness, and boundless, brilliant white light.
This expansive, awe-inspiring sense of eternity often seems fleeting. You get a brief glimpse of the magic, but all too soon the mundane realities of everyday life surround you once more. The candle flame of infinite potential is snuffed by the cold, hard wind of reality—as most now see it. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the great mysteries of our time is that positive spiritual beings do exist, and if you follow certain guidelines, you can make direct contact with them. I get letters almost every day from people experiencing bizarre and mystical phenomena. I worked very hard to achieve contact with spiritual beings, and the results have been extremely profound and meaningful.
I am going to tell you the story of my experiences in this book—how one person moved through incredible hardship to discover dazzling hidden truths about ascension and our future. The Gnostic spiritual tradition teaches us that information is alive, and exposing ourselves to information about the true nature of the cosmos can trigger a metamorphosis within us that ultimately promotes ascension. My previous books have presented this information from a scientific perspective, but in the first half of this book I will reveal how this metaphysical truth manifests in your life on a personal level.
The Mysteries of History

Science teaches us that you evolved from a spectacularly boring life in caves, in which your distant forefathers were illiterate hunter-gatherers who were forced to survive against the elements. Your ancient ancestors eventually became intelligent enough to invent the wheel, plant crops, domesticate animals, develop systems of trade, build sturdy shelters, and gather together in towns and cities. Civilizations arose gradually, and we developed written language, mathematics, ceramics, metallurgy, astronomy, governments, laws, and religion.
We also worshipped gods. Virtually every culture on Earth reported some form of direct contact with advanced beings of significantly higher intelligence. Civilization, so we are told, did not arise randomly. We were taught how to speak, how to read, how to write, how to grow crops, build shelters, study the stars, and understand the universal language of science by sophisticated beings. Again and again, our own written records soberly tell the tale of advanced, human-looking people handing us these keys to knowledge. In many cases these people walked with us for hundreds if not thousands of years, governing the affairs of our world with the presumably divine right of kings. Some of these “gods” taught us to be more loving and forgiving of others, and helped originate our major religions—which may hold deep mysteries that few of us truly understand at this time. Other “gods” were nowhere near as kind or benevolent. They warred with one another, were petty and conniving, lied and deceived, and in many cases were overthrown and destroyed when their angry and betrayed subjects finally rose up against them.
Is it possible that these “gods” of antiquity were, in fact, extraterrestrial beings? This is a question that I have been publicly tackling for twenty years in a variety of forms, including my website, DivineCosmos .com; my books, The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key; and well over eighty different episodes of Ancient Aliens, the number one show on the History Channel, entering its tenth season at the time of this writing. Yet many are still acting like the priests who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope. The worldview most people now take for granted is nothing more than a belief system, much like any other religion. We defend our current scientific models like Bible-thumping zealots, claiming there is only one truth, and the magi of science have all the answers.

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