Systems Analysis and Design 11th Edition

Systems Analysis and Design 11th Edition PDF

Author: Scott Tilley and Harry J. Rosenblatt

Publisher: Course Technology


Publish Date: February 5, 2016

ISBN-10: 1305494601

Pages: 572

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The Shelly Cashman Series® offers the finest textbooks in computing education. We are proud that our previous editions of Systems Analysis and Design have been so well received by instructors and students. Systems Analysis and Design, Eleventh Edition continues with the innovation, quality, and reliability you have come to expect.

The Shelly Cashman Series development team carefully reviewed our pedagogy and analyzed its effectiveness in teaching today’s student. Contemporary students read less, but need to retain more. As they develop and perform skills, students must know how to apply the skills to different settings. Today’s students need to be continually engaged and challenged to retain what they’re learning. With this book, we continue our commitment to focusing on the user and how they learn best.

Facing a challenging global marketplace, companies need strong IT resources to survive and compete effectively. Many of today’s students will become the systems analysts, managers, and IT professionals of tomorrow. This textbook will help prepare them for those roles.


Systems Analysis and Design, Eleventh Edition offers a practical, streamlined, and updated approach to information systems development. The book emphasizes the role of the systems analyst in a dynamic, business-related environment. Throughout the book, real-world examples emphasize critical thinking and IT skills in a dynamic, business- related environment. Many two- and four-year colleges and schools use this book in information systems, computer science, and ecommerce curriculums. The Eleventh Edition includes expanded coverage of emerging technologies, such as agile methods, cloud computing, and mobile applications. This new material compliments the updated treatment of traditional approaches to systems analysis and design.

Using this book, students learn how to translate business requirements into information systems that support a company’s short- and long-term objectives. Case studies and assignments teach analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Numerous projects, assignments, and end-of-chapter exercises are accessible online, along with detailed instructor support material.

Objectives of This Textbook

Systems Analysis and Design, Eleventh Edition is intended for a three credit-hour introductory systems analysis and design course. This textbook is designed to:

• Explain systems analysis and design using an appealing full-color format, numerous screen shots and illustrations, and an easy-to-read style that invites students to learn.
• Introduce project management concepts early in the systems development process, with a new chapter that explains project management tools and techniques.
• Challenge students with a Question of Ethics mini-case in each chapter that asks them to respond to real-life ethical issues in an IT environment.
• Provide multi-method coverage, including a comparison of structured, objectoriented, and agile systems development methods.
• Explain how IT supports business requirements in today’s intensely competitive environment, and describe major IT developments and trends.

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