Solve it with PYTHON !: A programming guide to ease your science and engineering challenges

Solve it with PYTHON !: A programming guide to ease your science and engineering challenges PDF

Author: Javier Riverola Gurruchaga

Publisher: Independently published


Publish Date: September 17, 2019

ISBN-10: 1689604107

Pages: 199

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is intended for students and professionals in science and engineering who face problems that frequently arise in the mathematical arena. Instead of going to generic recipes, I have preferred to be practical and illustrate the programming techniques with simple examples that go straight to the point, without going into a detailed explanation of each step. Besides, I have given up impressing the reader with the superpower and sophistication that Python is capable of reaching in favor of readability and comprehension.

The methods and solutions presented cover a wide range of engineering problems, illustrated with inspiring examples. Some of them emanate from classical mathematics such as integration, equation solving, and differential equations, and others are cutting-edge topics such as optimization, data mining, genetic algorithms, neural networks, and machine learning. On the other hand, it is not a book for computer experts and a general programming knowledge is suffi-cient. Even so, an elementary aid to the Python language is included in an appendix to the book.

Since its irruption in the playground of programming languages, Python has earned an honorary place, at the level of Java or C, and its use is intensive in companies and universities. Every day new libraries arise that extend the use of this cool language to almost any scientific or technical discipline. Take as an example the use of Python based libraries such as Astropy and Matplotlib among others for the composition of the breathtaking photo of the super-massive black hole in the center of the galaxy M87, from many thousands of partial images. As far as I’m concerned, I use Python because there is a very active community of users on the Internet, and above all, … because it’s fun.

I have allowed myself to include images related to the content of the book in one way or another, and I encourage the reader to reflect on their relationship to the themes, sometimes clear but sometimes arguable, sometimes subtle or distant, or simply a personal tribute to people who deserve our admiration.

I have had a great time writing this book and I hope that you also enjoy reading it and that it will be of benefit to you in your studies and professional life.
Javier Riverola Gurruchaga Madrid, August 2019

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