Sexual Fitness- 7 Essential Elements to Optimizing Your Sensuality

Sexual Fitness- 7 Essential Elements to Optimizing Your Sensuality PDF

Author: Hank C. K. Wuh and Mei Mei Fox

Publisher: Putnam Adult


Publish Date: January 29, 2001

ISBN-10: 0399147160

Pages: 320

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

You can control your sexual pleasure and performance! Like most people, you may believe that you are trapped by your age, your genes, your general health, your hectic lifestyle, and other factors. But you’re not. Sexual Fitness empowers you to make a difference!

Sex is one of the most significant biological functions in life. It is central to procreation, but it also plays a critical role in our enjoyment of sensual pleasure, our ability to experience intimacy and form bonding relationships, and our sense of self-esteem and overall well-being.

Yet despite the importance of sexuality in our lives, surprisingly few of us actually pay attention to optimizing our sexual health or “sexual fitness.” And achieving sexual fitness isn’t just about improving your sexuality. When you become sexually fit, you also become more physically and mentally fit. You’ll enjoy greater vitality and better general health. The popular notion that, as we age, our bodies gradually deteriorate and our level of sexual enjoyment and overall health decline needs to be challenged. We can shape our own sexual and physical destinies.With the power of knowledge and the appropriate tools, you can improve not only your mental, physical, and cardiovascular fitness but your sexual fitness as well.

Sexual fitness is about understanding that it is absolutely possible for you to take control.Your sexual health, pleasure, and passion need not be left to dwindle over time. You can play an active role in maintaining or even improving them. When you believe in your ability to make yourself more sexually fit, you can follow the seven essential elements presented in the Sexual Fitness Program and achieve a more satisfying sex life in just thirty days! The program involves a combination of activities, which include enjoying the proper diet and nutritional supplements, controlling your intake of medications, stimulating your senses, exercising, getting good-quality sleep, and managing stress. These are habits that everyone can—and should—adopt. Whether you are in your twenties or your seventies, in basically good health or coping with illness and disability, the suggestions offered here will help you take charge of your sexual destiny.

There are many advantages to sexual fitness in addition to better sex and enhanced
intimacy. Being sexually fit will also contribute significantly to your overall wellness by motivating you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. A decline in sexual enjoyment and performance is one of your body’s primary ways of alerting you that something may be wrong with your general health. So paying attention to your sexual fitness could actually improve your health or even save your life. And having safe sex with a dependable, trustworthy partner on a regular basis is, in and of itself, conducive to good health—it contributes to your psychological well-being, and can make you feel better and look younger!……………………………

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