Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide

Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide PDF

Author: Satya Avasarala

Publisher: Packt Publishing


Publish Date: January 24, 2014

ISBN-10: 1782168850

Pages: 264

File Type: Epub, Mobi, Pdf

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is about Selenium WebDriver, also known as Selenium 2, which is a UI automation tool used by software developers and QA engineers to test their web application on different web browsers. The reader is expected to have a basic idea of programming, preferably using Java, because we take the reader through several features of WebDriver using code examples. This book can be used as a reference for your day-to-day usage of WebDriver.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Introducing WebDriver and WebElements, will start off by briefly discussing the history of Selenium and the differences between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2. Then, we quickly jump into WebDriver by describing how it perceives a web page. We will also look at what a WebDriver’s WebElement is. Then, we talk about locating WebElements on a web page and performing some basic actions on them.

Chapter 2, Exploring Advanced Interactions of WebDriver, will dive deeply into more advanced actions that WebDriver can perform on the WebElements of a web page, such as the dragging-and-dropping of elements from one frame of a page to another and right/context-clicking on WebElements. We’re sure you will find this chapter interesting to read.

Chapter 3, Exploring the Features of WebDriver, will talk about some advanced features of WebDriver, such as taking screenshots of web pages, executing JavaScript, and handling cookies and proxies.

Chapter 4, Different Available WebDrivers, will talk about various implementations of WebDriver, such as FirefoxDriver, IEDriver, and ChromeDriver. When we discuss WebDriver in Chapter 1, Introducing WebDriver and WebElements, we will see that WebDriver has specific implementations for most of the popular browsers available on the market.

Chapter 5, Understanding WebDriver Events, will deal with the event-handling aspect of WebDriver. To state a few, events can be a value change on a WebElement, a browser back-navigation invocation, script execution completion, and so on.

Chapter 6, Dealing with I/O, will introduce you to the file-handling features of WebDriver. Concepts such as copying files, uploading

files, and deleting files will be discussed in this chapter.

Chapter 7, Exploring RemoteWebDriver and WebDriverBackedSelenium, will deal with two very important topics of WebDriver: RemoteWebDriver and WebDriverBackedSelenium. If you want to execute a WebDriver installed on a different machine from your machine, you can use the RemoteWebDriver class to handle all your commands for that remote machine. One of its popular use cases is browser compatibility testing. The other class we talk about in this chapter is WebDriverBackedSelenium. This is useful for people who want to use WebDriver, but still have many of their existing tests using Selenium 1. Finally, we will migrate some code using Selenium1 APIs to use WebDriver APIs.

Chapter 8 , Understanding Selenium Grid, will talk about one important and interesting feature of Selenium named Selenium Grid. Using this, you can submit your developed automation scenarios to a server and specify there the target platform, that is, the OS, browser type, and version, upon which you want these scenarios to be executed. If a node with such a configuration is registered and available, the server will dispatch your job to that node, and it will take care of executing your automation scenarios in its environment and publish the results back to the server.

Chapter 9, Understanding PageObject Pattern, will talk about a well-known design pattern named the PageObject pattern. This is a proven pattern that will give you a better handle on your automation framework and scenarios.

Chapter 10, Testing iOS and Android Apps, we will take you through how WebDriver can be used to automate your test scripts for iOS and Android applications. We will also discuss a recently developed software tool called Appium.

By the end of this book, we are sure you will be one of the world’s advanced WebDriver users.

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