Raspberry Pi 2: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Raspberry Pi 2: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Author: Nathaniel Hill

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Publish Date: November 25, 2015

ISBN-10: 1519348355

Pages: 34

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

The first real computers, in the modern sense of the word, were huge machines; designed to crunch numbers. Their abilities were incredibly limited despite the fact that they took up an entire room. Ever since that day, the computer has developed; becoming smaller, faster and far more capable.

Today, the processor built into your mobile phone will offer more computing power than those original computers were capable of. However, as is often the case with development, there is a constant push to improve the computer. The latest models have significantly more processing power and memory than their predecessors; a computer is outdated almost as soon as it is bought!

The most obvious casualty of this ongoing race to provide the best computer is affordability. Every technological step forward is the result of hundreds or thousands of hours of research; the cost of which has to be covered by the selling price of the computer.

Thankfully, not all computer companies are working along the same lines. In keeping with Apple’s very first computer, the Raspberry Pi 2 comes without a case; it is simply a credit card size single board computer.

The board can be connected to a TV or computer monitor with a standard keyboard and mouse connected to enable access to the systems. It is then possible to explore the world of technology; in much the same way as you would on the latest laptop or desktop computer.

The Raspberry Pi 2 will allow you to access the internet, play games, create and update spreadsheets or word processing documents and even play high definition video!

Perhaps more importantly, this stripped down version of the computers you see in showrooms, retails at just $35! The intention of the company is to provide a high quality device, capable of interacting with many different programs; apps and any digital maker project.

This makes computing accessible to anyone, and, the Raspberry Pi 2 is excellent for teaching children to understand computers, how they are created and how they work. It also allows children and adults to learn the basics of programming and how they can make a computer do anything they want by programming it properly.

The company which makes these ‘mini computers’ is based in the UK and is not selling them to make a profit; instead they wish to ensure every child has access to a computer and is educated in the way they work. This is sure to be an essential skill in the world they grow up in.

The basic design and simplicity of the Raspberry is allowing many people across the world to access a computer and write their own software; the computer can connect to the outside world and effectively power almost any application you care to create.

It has become the fastest selling personal computer in Britain and is second only to Amstrad for personal computer sales worldwide! Estimated sales of the machine by June 2015 were put at between five and six million. This is due, in part to the extremely low purchase price as well as the flexibility it offers to it users.

This book will explore the technical specifications of this device, which improvements have been made, compared to the original Raspberry Pi and provide you with a wide range of projects which almost anyone can undertake, alongside some tips and tricks designed to make using the Raspberry Pi 2 easier and more enjoyable.

Table Of Contents


Chapter 1 – The Latest Version

Chapter 2 – 15 Easy Projects to Attempt with your Raspberry Pi 2

Chapter 3 – Tips, Tricks and Helpful Hints


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Epub January 24, 2016

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