Public Health Nutrition (The Nutrition Society Textbook) 2nd Edition

Public Health Nutrition (The Nutrition Society Textbook) 2nd Edition PDF

Author: Judith L. Buttriss and Ailsa A. Welch

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Publish Date: June 12, 2017

ISBN-10: 1118660978

Pages: 456

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Public Health Nutrition 2nd Edition (PHN2e) has been led superbly by Professor Judith Buttriss (Director General, British Nutrition Foundation) as Senior Editor of the book, and her Editorial Team in the name of Dr Ailsa Welch (University of East Anglia) and Dr John Kearney (Dublin Institute of Technology). They have meticulously planned out the details of the chapters and managed to secure the world-leaders in the field to contribute key chapters. Professor Buttriss is a most inspirational leader, and the team have complemented one another admirably with their expertise and knowledge in the field, as well as providing great continuity from the First Edition. How indebted we are to all the contributors for making the book such a comprehensive review and we are absolutely thrilled, as Professor Buttriss outlines in her Introductory Chapter, to have so many global experts who have written chapters to make PHN2e a complete review of this key area.

PHN2e is intended for those with an interest in nutritional science whether they are nutritionists, food scientists, dietitians, medics, nursing staff or other allied health professionals. We hope that both undergraduate and postgraduate students will find the book of great help with their respective studies and that the book will really put public health nutrition as a discipline into context. PHN2e comprises of a total 29 chapters; commencing with a detailed overview of the book structure and then a focus of five sections; namely: 1) Public Health Nutrition Tools; 2) Current State of Evidence; 3) Diet and Disease;  4) Environmental Factors and 5) Public Health Nutrition Strategies and Approaches, with each chapter providing a key summary of the take home messages.

We are extremely honoured and most sincerely grateful that the Foreword for PHE2e has been written by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, who has a great depth of knowledge in the field and who speaks with authority on key issues in Public health Nutrition. It gives us great confidence in this textbook to have such a Royal seal of approval.

The first and second textbooks in the Series: Introduction to Human Nutrition (IHN) and Nutrition & Metabolism (N&M), are now out in 2nd Edition and sales continue to go extremely well, with third editions now fully under-preparation. Sales of Professor Marinos Elia et al’s Clinical Nutrition 2nd Edition (CN2e fourth textbook) continue to sell apace and our fifth textbook in the Series, Sport and Exercise Nutrition 1st Edition (SEN1e) has surpassed all expectations. Our sixth textbook, Nutrition Research Methodology 1st Edition (NRM1e) led by Professor Julie Lovegrove et al provides great complementarity to PHN2e, and the Series, and is proving to be an excellent textbook in its own right.

We are most grateful to the following individuals for their support and most generous Forewords in SEN1e, CN2e and NRM1e respectively; namely – Professor Richard Budgett OBE, Chief Medical Officer for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and now Medical and Scientific Director at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) based in Lausanne, Switzerland; Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, and the UK Government’s Principal Medical Adviser; Professor Lord John Krebs, Principal, Jesus College, University of Oxford and our first Chairman of the UK Food Standards Agency.

The Society is most grateful to the textbook publishers, Wiley-Blackwell for their continued help with the production of the textbook and in particular, James Watson, Jennifer Seward and Francesca Giovannetti. We would also like to thank Garima Singh from Thomson Digital for her great help with PHN2e finalisation. In addition, I would like to acknowledge formally my great personal appreciation to Professor G.Q. Max Lu AO, FRSC, FIChemE, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey, and Professor David Blackbourn FRSB, Head of the School of Bioscience and Medicine, University of Surrey, for their respective great encouragement of the nutritional sciences field in general, and the Textbook Series production in particular.

Sincerest appreciation indeed to the Nutrition Society past-Presidents, Professor Sean J.J. Strain OBE (Ulster University) and Professor Catherine Geissler (King’s College London) and current-President, Professor Philip Calder (University of Southampton) for their belief in the Textbook Series. With special thanks to past-Honorary Publications Officer, Professor David Bender (University College London), and present- Honorary Publications Officer Professor Paul Trayhurn (University of Liverpool) for being such tremendous sounding boards for the Textbook Series. Iamhugelygratefulfor theirwise counsel.Andfinallya very bigthankyouindeed toCassandraEllis,Assistant Editor, NS Textbook Series, for her incredibly important contribution to the development of the Series. Finally, asIalways write andabsolutelydonotforget (ever!), the Series is indebted to the forward thinking focus thatProfessor MichaelGibney(University College Dublin) had at that time of the Textbook Series development. It remains such a tremendous privilege for me to continue to follow in his footsteps as the second E-i-C.

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