Psychology in Action, 12e

Psychology in Action, 12e

Author: Karen Huffman and Katherine Dowdell

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: December 7, 2017

ISBN-10: 1119395402

Pages: Pages

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

What do you think about the death-defying mountain climber on the cover of this text? Most readers don’t recognize the time and thought authors and publishers commit to visually capturing the essential message of their work. In our case, we’ve always chosen activity-oriented images for all twelve editions of Psychology in Action because, as its name implies, our textbook has earned its reputation as a leader in active learning.

Beginning with our first edition, we were the first to include Try This Yourself activities, Study Tips, Research Challenges, and other “hands on” demonstrations (e.g., Critical Thinking Exercises and Media Challenges that are available as graded assignments in the WileyPlus program). Why? We’ve always believed that student success is best assured through active learning, which encourages students to think critically and engage with the material—thus leading to deeper levels of processing. Our enduring foundation in active learning continues in this twelfth edition—as shown in the following examples.

What’s NEW in Psychology in Action 12e? Given our commitment to active learning and evidence-based research, we’ve chosen to make the development of a growth mindset and grit as the central goals and theme of this edition. As you may know, studies find that these two factors may be the most significant factors in determining career and academic success. In fact, some research
suggests that they may be even more important than IQ (Datu et al., 2016; Dweck, 2007, 2012; Suzuk et al., 2015). With this focus on a growth mindset and grit in mind, we start each chapter with a NEW Psychology and a Classic (or Contemporary) Success feature, which off ers a brief description of a famous figure who exemplifies both qualities. (See the following example of J. K. Rowling.) The stories are then embedded throughout each chapter to illustrate core concepts. We believe off ering these repeated success stories will reassure our readers that achievement is largely under their control, and thereby inspire them to use grit and a growth mindset to achieve their own personal dreams and aspirations. As shown in Table 1, we also include two additional NEW features— Psychology and Your Personal Success and Psychology and Your Professional Success—to further demonstrate how the content of each chapter, along with a growth mindset and grit, can help them succeed in the real world.

Given that our gracious and loyal previous adopters may be interested in what changes we’ve made and/or the updating we’ve added in this 12th edition (i.e., to the basic content, key terms, and continued features), we’ve created a handy summary of these changes in Table 2. This table also summarizes the key assets for each chapter provided in WileyPLUS

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