Practicing College Learning Strategies

Practicing College Learning Strategies PDF

Author: Carolyn H. Hopper

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing


Publish Date: January 1, 2015

ISBN-10: 1305109597

Pages: 320

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

How many of these situations can you relate to?

• Planning out your route carefully on a map before you get in your car
• Driving in an unfamiliar city with confusing signs
• Getting stuck in traffic on your way to an important meeting
• Unexpected road construction that forces you on a detour
• Carpooling with people you don’t know

Now, think about these common issues that college students face:

• Choosing a major and the classes to take next semester
• Navigating around the college campus and finding where classes are
• Managing time in and outside the classroom
• Meeting new people and experiencing new things
• Managing stress and unexpected life events

See any similarities between the above lists? Brain research has found that one of the most powerful ways to learn is by using analogies The analogy used throughout the fifth edition is that college is a journey or road trip and each student must be the driver if they are to be successful. A passenger may come along for the ride, but the driver is in control and accepts responsibility. The driver does whatever is necessary in order to reach the destination: chooses the route, follows the road signs, steps on the gas and the brakes, fuels up, and asks for directions. The driver fights fatigue and stress and experiences the confusion of driving in an unfamiliar place. But the driver also owns the whole experience of the drive, every curve and bump and every complex intersection. We will use the driver analogy to think critically about student responsibilities in each chapter of the text.

In the journey through college, students will discover that learning involves more than getting information. It involves examining new information, making it personal, and determining where it fits into their own experiences. It then requires converting comprehension into a plan or strategy and actively testing the strategy. Learning requires full participation and keeping eyes on the road. The fifth edition of Practicing College Learning Strategies models this learning process by clearly and concisely presenting the essential information students need to successfully navigate their way through their college education. Structured activities and exercises will guide them in the reflection process to make the information personal and useful and provide practice in developing strategies for learning and in testing those strategies.

The straightforward, brief explanations and structured activities modeling the learning process make this text especially useful for first-time college students or returning adults. However, the brain-based academic orientation makes it valuable for anyone who wants to get the most of their college journey.

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