Physics 3rd Edition

Physics 3rd Edition

Author: Alan Giambattista and Betty Richardson

Publisher: 007351215X


Publish Date: January 19, 2015

ISBN-10: 007351215X

Pages: 1232

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Physics is intended for a two-semester college course in introductory physics using algebra and trigonometry. Our main goals in writing this book are
• to present the basic concepts of physics that students need to know for later coursesand future careers,
• to emphasize that physics is a tool for understanding the real world, and
• to teach transferable problem-solving skills that students can use throughout their lives.

We have kept these goals in mind while developing the main themes of the book.


Although the fundamental philosophy of the book has not changed, detailed feedback from instructors and students using the previous editions has enabled us to continually fine-tune our approach. Some of the most important enhancements in the third edition include:
• Based on a review of the content lists for physics in the Preview Guide for the MCAT2015 Exam, coverage of the following topics has been added or expanded: mechanical advantage, turbulence, surface tension, attenuation of sound waves, paramagnetism and diamagnetism, circular polarization, and lens aberrations.
• MCAT review questions have been moved online so actual questions from the 2015 MCAT exams can be made available to students.
• Starting with Chapter 4, Review & Synthesis problems appear at the end of every chapter instead of after related groups of chapters.
• To help students see that the physics they are learning is relevant to their careers, the third edition includes 116 new biomedical applications in the end-of-chapter Problems, 12 new biomedical Examples, and 10 new text discussions of biomedical applications.
• A list of selected biomedical applications appears on the first page of each chapter.
• Ninety-five new Ranking Tasks have been included in the Checkpoints, Practice Problems, and end-of-chapter Problems.
• New Checkpoints have been added to the text to give students more frequent opportunities to pause and test their understanding of a new concept.
• Every chapter includes a set of Collaborative Problems that can be used in cooperative group problem solving.
• The Connections have been enhanced and expanded to help students see the bigger picture—that what may seem like a new concept may really be an extension, application, or specialized form of a concept previously introduced. The goal is for students to view physics as a small set of fundamental concepts that can be applied in many different situations, rather than as a collection of loosely related facts or equations.
• Many of the legends have been expanded to help students learn more from the illustrations.
• Most marginal notes from the previous edition have been incorporated into the text for better flow of ideas and a less cluttered presentation.
• Multiple-Choice Questions that are well-suited to use with student response systems are identified with a “clicker” icon. Answers to even-numbered questions are not given, for instructors who track student performance using “clickers.”

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