Nutrition: An Applied Approach (5th Edition)

Nutrition: An Applied Approach (5th Edition) PDF

Author: Janice J. Thompson and Melinda Manore

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 15, 2017

ISBN-10: 0134516230

Pages: 720

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Why We Wrote This Book

Nutrition gets a lot of press. Go online or pick up a magazine and you’ll read the latest debate over which weight-loss diet is best; turn on the TV or stream a video and you’ll hear a celebrity describe how she lost 50 pounds without exercising; scan the headlines or read some blogs and you’ll come upon the latest “super foods” and the politics surrounding the creation of new, enhanced “designer” foods. How can you evaluate these sources of nutrition information and find out whether the advice they provide is reliable? How do you navigate through seemingly endless recommendations and arrive at a way of eating that’s right for you—one that supports your physical activity, allows you to maintain a healthful weight, and helps you avoid chronic diseases?

Nutrition: An Applied Approach began with our conviction that students and instructors would both benefit from an accurate and clear textbook that links nutrients to their functional benefits. As authors and instructors, we know that students have a natural interest in their bodies, their health, their weight, and their success in sports and other activities. By demonstrating how nutrition relates to these interests, this text empowers students to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Throughout the text, material is presented in a lively narrative that continually links the facts to students’ circumstances, lifestyles, and goals. Information on current events and research keeps the inquisitive spark alive, illustrating that nutrition is truly a “living” science, and a source of considerable debate. The content of Nutrition: An Applied Approach is appropriate for non-nutrition majors, but also includes information that will challenge students who have a more advanced understanding of chemistry and math. We present the “science side” in a contemporary narrative style that’s easy to read and understand, with engaging features that reduce students’ apprehensions and encourage them to apply the material to their lives. Also, because this book is not a derivative of a major text, the writing and the figures are cohesive and always level appropriate.

As teachers, we are familiar with the myriad challenges of presenting nutrition information in the classroom, and we have included the most comprehensive ancillary package available to assist instructors in successfully meeting these challenges. We hope to contribute to the excitement of teaching and learning about nutrition—a subject that affects all of us, and a subject so important and relevant that correct and timely information can make the difference between health and disease.

New to the Fifth Edition
Retaining its hallmark applied approach, the new fifth edition takes personal nutrition concepts a step further with dynamic new features that help students realize that they think about their nutrition daily. The most noteworthy changes include:

NEW! Focus Figures (two new) in Chapter 1, one focusing on nutrition and human disease, the other on the six groups of nutrients found in food.

NEW! Meal Focus Figures (four new) graphically depict the differences in sets of meals, such as a comparison of nutrient density or a comparison of two highcarbohydrate meals, to engage students with useful information. UPDATED! Nutrition Facts Panel and Dietary Guidelines for Americans offer the latest nutritional guidelines (Chapter 2).

NEW! Chapter 13: Food Equity, Sustainability, and Quality: The Challenge of “Good” Food focuses on current issues of food quality and availability that directly affect today’s students. Topics include the disparities in availability of high-quality, nourishing food thought to contribute to the poverty-obesity paradox, unsafe working conditions in many U.S. farms and factories, and more.

NEW! In Depth Chapters: Obesity, Malnutrition, and Healthful Eating Patterns, these three new mini-chapters focus on topics such as the health and societal problems surrounding undernourishment; the effectiveness of lifestyle changes, medications, dietary supplements, and surgery in obesity treatment; and the components and principles of a healthful eating pattern.

NEW! ABC News Videos bring nutrition to life and spark discussion with up-todate hot topics from 2012 to 2016. MasteringNutrition activities tied to the videos include multiple-choice questions that provide wrong-answer feedback to redirect students to the correct answer.

To help students master tough concepts of the course, updates include:

NEW! Table of Contents organization to better streamline the coverage of the micronutrients where four former chapters [7 to 10 in the 4th edition] now become three [7 to 9 in the 5th edition] to reduce duplicate coverage and help students better comprehend the role of vitamins and minerals in fluid and electrolyte balance (Chapter 7); key body functions (energy metabolism, antioxidant functions, and vision) (Chapter 8); and healthy body tissues (collagen, blood, and bone) (Chapter 9).

NEW! Learning Outcomes approach creates a clear learning path for students with numbered learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter that are then tied to each major chapter section, helping students navigate each chapter and measure their progress against specific learning goals, and helping instructors assess the key information and skills students are meant to take away from each chapter.

NEW! Study Plans conclude each chapter, tying the chapter learning outcomes to the review questions and math review questions, and also includes the Test Yourself true/false answers and Web Links.

NEW! Offline access to the eText anytime with eText 2.0. Complete with embedded ABC News videos and animation, eText 2.0 is mobile friendly and ADA accessible.

Now available on smartphones and tablets.
Seamlessly integrated videos.
Accessible (screen-reader ready).
Configurable reading settings, including sizable type and night reading mode. Instructor and student note taking, highlighting, bookmarking, and search. This fifth edition of Nutrition: An Applied Approach also features the Mastering- Nutrition™ online homework, tutorial, and assessment system, which delivers selfpaced tutorials and activities that provide individualized coaching, a focus on course
objectives, and tools enabling instructors to respond individually to each student’s progress. The proven Mastering system provides instructors with customizable, easyto- assign, automatically graded assessments that motivate students to learn outside of class and arrive prepared for lecture. The Visual Walkthrough located at the front of this text provides an overview of these and other important features in the fifth edition. For specific changes to each chapter, see the following

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