Netter’s Essential Biochemistry (Netter Basic Science)

Netter’s Essential Biochemistry (Netter Basic Science) PDF

Author: Peter Ronner PhD

Publisher: Elsevier


Publish Date: February 1, 2017

ISBN-10: 1929007639

Pages: 496

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

T is book provides an introduction to and review o biochemistry as it pertains to the competencies required or graduation as a doctor o medicine or pharmacy. Increasingly, the basic sciences are taught alongside clinical science, o en organ by organ. T is book can help students in such integrated curricula gain a discipline-speci c understanding o biochemistry, particularly metabolism. T e book is structured so that it is use ul or both the novice and the student who needs a quick review in preparation or licensure exams. T e chapters are extensively cross-re erenced so the material can be used in almost any chapter sequence. Descriptions o disease states are a regular part o the book rather than an addendum in the margin. Students o en nd it challenging to use their knowledge o basic science to solve clinical problems. Hope ully, Dr. Netter’s images (“Medicine’s Michelangelo”), as well as the text and other diagrams in this book, will help students build mental bridges between basic science and clinical practice.
T e chapters have a structure that makes it easy or the reader to decide what to read and review:
■T e Synopsis is an introductory overview o the content o the chapter that requires very little preexisting knowledge.
■T e Learning Objectives indicate what the reader should be able to do when mastering the material presented in the chapter.

■ Each section starts with a preview.
■ Selected terms are printed in bold to make it easier to nd relevant text when starting rom the index.
■ T e diagrams contain only the most essential in ormation.
■ T e Summary provides a brie overview o the chapter material or the expert.
■ A Further Reading section provides the reader with a starting point to satis y deeper interests.
■ Review Questions provide the reader with an opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge. Answers to these questions are at the end o the book.
Writing this text and designing the accompanying graphs has been a wonder ul and interesting journey or me. I have also enjoyed many years o teaching biochemistry to uture physicians and pharmacists. I hope that you, the reader, will also be amazed by the processes that underlie human existence, both in health and in sickness.
Peter Ronner
P.S.: Please eel ree to email suggestions or improvements to [email protected]


1 Human Karyotype and the Structure of DNA 1
2 DNA Repair and Therapy of Cancer 10
3 DNA Replication 22
4 Clinical Tests Based on DNA or RNA 29
5 Bas ic Genetics for Biochemis try 38
6 Trans cription and RNA Proces s ing 42
7 Trans lation and Pos ttrans lational Protein Proces s ing 53
8 Cell Cycle and Cancer 64
9 Structure of Proteins and Protein Aggregates in Degenerative Dis eas es 81
10 Enzymes and Consequences of Enzyme De ciencies 96
11 Biological Membranes 108
12 Collagen, Collagenopathies, and Diseases of Mineralization 116
13 Pathologic Alterations of the Extracellular Matrix That Involve Fibrillin, Elas tin,
or Proteoglycans 130
14 Heme Metabolism, Porphyrias , and Hyperbilirubinemia 140
15 Iron Metabolism: Iron-De ciency Anemia and Iron Overload 153
16 Erythropoies is , Hemoglobin Function, and the Complete Blood Count 164
17 Hemoglobinopathies 179
18 Carbohydrate Transport, Carbohydrate Malabsorption, and Lactos e Intolerance 189
19 Glycolysis and Its Regulation by Hormones and Hypoxia 200
20 Fructose and Galactose Metabolism: Hereditary Fructos e Intolerance and Galactos emia 215
21 Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Oxidative Stres s , and Glucos e 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenas e
De ciency 224
22 Citric Acid Cycle and Thiamine De ciency 232
23 Oxidative Phosphorylation and Mitochondrial Dis eas es 244
24 Glycogen Metabolism and Glycogen Storage Dis eas es 254
25 Gluconeogenes is and Fas ting Hypoglycemia 264
26 Insulin and Counterregulatory Hormones 274
27 Fatty Acids , Ketone Bodies , and Ketoacidos is 288
28 Triglycerides and Hypertriglyceridemia 301
29 Choles terol Metabolism and Hypercholes terolemia 313
30 Metabolism of Ethanol and the Consequences of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome 328
31 Steroid Hormones and Vitamin D 338
32 Eicos anoids 353
33 Signaling 360
34 Diges tion of Dietary Protein and Net Synthes is of Protein in the Body 367
35 Protein Degradation, Amino Acid Metabolism, and Nitrogen Balance 380
36 One-Carbon Metabolism, Folate De ciency, and Cobalamin De ciency 402
37 Pyrimidine Nucleotides and Chemotherapy 416
38 Gout and Other Diseases Related to the Metabolism of Purine Nucleotides 425
39 Diabetes

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