Multistage Separation Processes, 4th edition

Multistage Separation Processes, 4th edition

Author: Fouad M. Khoury

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: October 15, 2014

ISBN-10: 1482230542

Pages: 679

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Multistage separation processes and other related processes constitute the building blocks for the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industries. These industries yield important products as common as gasoline and plastics and as specialized as medical-grade pharmaceuticals.

This book is aimed at providing the theoretical foundation and understanding the development, evaluation, design, and optimization steps of these processes. It is distinguished by its emphasis on starting with theoretical models, their role in computer simulation, followed by practical applications. The importance of relating fundamental concepts to intuitive understanding of the processes is also highlighted. A generous number of examples are provided in a wide variety of applications to relate theory to actual results and to demonstrate the performance of processes under varying conditions. Exercise problems are given at the end of chapters. These problems can be used to study the material and explore its application to various situations.

The book is of value as a textbook for graduate and undergraduate students of engineering and process design and as a reference for practicing engineers in the process industry. Improved accuracy in predicting thermodynamic and physical properties has occurred simultaneously with major advances in the development of computation techniques for solving complex process equation systems. The result has been the emergence of a variety of computer simulation programs for accurate and efficient prediction of a variety of complex processes. This has provided engineers with valuable tools that can help them make more reliable qualitative as well as quantitative decisions in plant design and operation. Frequently, however, effective use of such programs has been hampered by lack of understanding of fundamentals and incorrect selection of property prediction and simulation techniques. Improper use of simulators can be costly in time and money, which tends to defeat the purpose of computer-aided engineering. These problems are addressed in this book, and a strategy is pursued that decouples the discussion of conceptual analysis of a process and the computation techniques

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