Microsoft Access 2016: The Complete Guide

Microsoft Access 2016: The Complete Guide PDF

Author: Stewart Melart

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


Publish Date: November 12, 2015

ISBN-10: 1519282559

Pages: 100

File Type: PDF, EPUB, AZW4

Language: English

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Book Preface

Microsoft has made many strides with the Access program since its invention. Over the years it has risen has one of the most dominant database programs with user-friendly features. Access 2013 is a part of the Office 2012 and so have similar commands and features as that of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Information can easily be shared between Access and all other Microsoft programs. This guide provides a detailed look along with detailed steps on how to work in Access 2016 and the features that are commonly utilised.


Microsoft Access 2016 improves on preceding versions in order to provide more potent, efficient and effective tools for all your database needs. If you upgrade from previous versions to Access 2016 then you are most likely to be attracted to the differences between both old and new versions. You will be very interested and eager to discover how both versions will impact you. The following sections outline the new features that you will want to be mindful of but are however dependent on which version of Access you will be upgrading from. In order to get a comprehensive understanding, start with the first section then work your way down to your previous version. Below are some of the best new features offered by Access 2016:

‘Tell Me’ Text Field

‘Tell Me’ is a text box located on the ribbon in Access 2016. The ‘Tell Me’ text field allows you to quickly enter words and phrases allied with what you want to do next. It also allows you to rapidly access features that you want to utilize and actions you want to execute along with getting help with whatever you are looking for. In order to get help finding what you are looking for, you just simply click the Tell Me box and a type a command such as ‘sort’ and all sort-related options will be listed.

Modernized Look for Templates

The Desktop database template allows you to manage and organize your data in Access whenever you need help getting started with database designing. With Access 2015, the most widely used database templates are redesigned to have a more modernized feel and look. You can test these out by going to file, then New and then search for any of the following: Desktop Task, Desktop Assets, Desktop Students, Desktop Contacts and Desktop Events. A Getting Started form with direct links to Videos, Articles and other resources are inclusive in each of these templates.

Larger Display Table Dialog

With Access 2016, there is an increase in the height of the Show Table allowing you to easily view more query names and tables in your database. In order to see the Show Table dialog in queries, you must click on create, then Query Design and then the Show table dialog will open by itself. Also, by clicking Database Tools then relationships, you will be able to see the Show Table Dialog in the Relationships Windows.

Access Program New Themes

White and Colourful are the two new Office themes available with the Access Programs. By going to file then Options then General and then clicking on the drop down menu beside Office Themes, you will be able to gain access to these themes

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PDF, EPUB, AZW4 March 1, 2016

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