Microbiology with Diseases by Body System (4th Edition)

Microbiology with Diseases by Body System (4th Edition) PDF

Author: Robert W. Bauman Ph.D.

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: January 20, 2014

ISBN-10: 032191855X

Pages: 936

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The spread of whooping cough, snail fever, spotted fever rickettsiosis, and other emerging diseases; the cases of strep throat, MRSA, and tuberculosis; the progress of cutting-edge research into microbial genetics; the challenge of increasingly drug-resistant pathogens; the continual discovery of microorganisms previously unknown—these are just a few examples of why exploring microbiology has never been more exciting, or more important. Welcome!

I have taught microbiology to undergraduates for over 25 years and witnessed firsthand how students struggle with the same topics and concepts year after year. To address these challenging topics, I have developed and narrated Video Tutors for the first 18 chapters and added full-spread Disease in Depth features to the next six chapters. The Video Tutors and Disease in Depth features walk students through key concepts in microbiology, bringing the art of the textbook to life and important concepts into view. In creating this textbook, my goal was to help students see complex topics of microbiology—especially metabolism, genetics, and immunology—in a way that they can understand, while at the same time presenting a thorough and accurate overview of microbiology. I also wished to highlight the many positive effects of microorganisms on our lives, along with the medically important microorganisms that cause disease.

New to This Edition

In approaching the fourth edition, my goal was to build upon the strengths and success of the previous editions by updating it with the latest scientific and educational research and data available and by incorporating the many terrific suggestions I have received from colleagues and students alike. The feedback from instructors who adopted previous editions has been immensely gratifying and is much appreciated. The Disease at a Glance features have been widely praised by instructors and students, so I, along with art editor Kelly Murphy, developed six new Disease in Depth spreads that use compelling art and photos to provide a detailed overview of a specific disease. Each spread features an Investigate It! question with a QR code directing students to a website, encouraging further, independent research. Another goal for this edition was to provide additional instruction on important concepts and processes. To that end, I developed and narrated the Video Tutors, accessible via QR codes in the textbook and in MasteringMicrobiology®. The result is, once again, a collaborative effort of educators, students, editors, and top scientific illustrators: a textbook that, I hope, continues to improve upon conventional explanations and illustrations in substantive and effective ways.

In this new edition:

■ NEW Disease in Depth spreads feature important and representative diseases for each body system, extending the visual impact of the art program as well as the highly praised Disease at a Glance features. Each of these six visual spreads contains info-graphics, provides in-depth coverage of the selected disease, and includes a QR code and Investigate It! question that directs students to a major health website, prompting further exploration and critical thinking. New MasteringMicrobiology assignable Disease in Depth coaching activities encourage students to apply and test their understanding of key concepts.

■ NEW Video Tutors developed and narrated by the author walk students through key concepts in microbiology, bringing the textbook art to life and helping students visualize and understand tough topics and important processes. These 18 video tutorials are accessible via QR codes in the textbook and are accompanied by multiple-choice questions, assignable in MasteringMicrobiology®.

■ NEW Tell Me Why critical thinking questions end every main section within each chapter. These questions strengthen the pedagogy and organization of each chapter and consistently provide stop-and-think opportunities for students as they read.

■ NEW Expanded coverage of helminths is provided in new highlight features, and an emphasis on virulence factors is included in Disease at a Glance and Disease in Depth features.

■ NEW Numbered Learning Outcomes in the textbook are used to tag Test Bank questions and all Mastering assets. In addition to being tagged to Learning Outcomes, all Mastering assessments are tagged to the Global Science Learning Outcomes and Bloom’s Taxonomy. The complete Mastering Test Bank is also tagged to ASMCUE recommended outcomes.

■ NEW Visualize It! features appear at the end of each chapter. These short-answer or fill-in-the-blank questions are built around illustrations or photos. These are also assignable as art labeling activities in MasteringMicrobiology.

■ The immunology chapters (Chapters 15–18), which have been and continue to be reviewed in-depth by immunology specialists, reflect the most current understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

■ Over 50 NEW micrographs and photos enhance student understanding of the text and boxed features.

■ NEW MasteringMicrobiology includes NEW Disease in Depth and Disease at a Glance coaching activities, NEW Video Tutors with assessments, NEW MicroCareers and Clinical Case Study coaching activities, NEW Visualize It! art labeling activities, and Microbiology Lab Technique videos with assessment and MicroLab Tutor coaching activities. MicroLab Tutors use lab technique videos, 3D molecular animations, and stepped-out tutorials to actively engage students in making the connection between microbiology lecture, lab, and th real world. Disease at a Glance coaching activities ask students to categorize and sort diseases by different concepts, that is, by mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, etc. Additionally, MasteringMicrobiology and the Study Area include NEW MicroLab Practical quizzes, allowing more opportunities to analyze and interpret important lab tests, techniques, and results.

The following section provides a detailed outline of this edition’s chapter-by-chapter revisions.

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