Microbiology: An Introduction with MyMicrobiologyPlace Website (10th Edition)

Microbiology: An Introduction with MyMicrobiologyPlace Website (10th Edition) PDF

Author: Gerard J. Tortora and Berdell R. Funke

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


Publish Date: January 9, 2009

ISBN-10: 0321550072

Pages: 960

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Since the publication of the fi rst edition nearly 30 years ago, well over one million students have used Microbiology: An Introduction at colleges and universities around the world, making it the leading textbook for non-majors microbiology. The tenth edition continues to be a comprehensive beginning text, assum ing no previous study of biology or chemistry. The text is appropriate for students in a wide variety of programs, including the allied health sciences, biological science, environmental sciences, animal science, forestry, agriculture, home economics, and the liberal arts.


We have retained in this new edition features that made the previous editions so popular:

• An appropriate balance between microbiological fundamentals and applications, and between medical applications
and other applied areas of microbiology. As in previous editions, basic microbiological principles are given greater emphasis than are applications, and health-related applications are featured.
• Straightforward presentation of complex topics. Each section of the text has been written with the student in mind. Our book is known for its clear explanations and consis tent pedagogy.
• Clear, accurate, and pedagogically effective illustrations and photos. Step-by-step diagrams that closely coordinate with narrative descriptions aid student comprehension of concepts. Clear and accurate renderings of processes and structures focus students on what they need to learn. The quantity and quality of electron and light micrographs is unmatched in the market.
• Flexible organization. We have organized the book in what we think is a useful fas hion while recognizing that the material might be effectively presented in a number of other sequences. For instructors who wish to use a different order, we have made each chapter as independent as possible and have included numerous cross- references. The Instructor’s Guide, written by Christine Case, provides detailed guidelines for organizing the material in several other ways.

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