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Microbiology: A Systems Approach

Author: Marjorie Kelly Cowan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Publish Date: February 8, 2011e

ISBN-10: 007352252X

Pages: 880

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Writing a textbook takes an enormous amount of time and effort. No textbook author has the time to write a great textbook and also write an entire book’s worth of accompanying digital learning tools—at least not with any amount of success or accuracy. In the past this material has often been built after the text publishes, but hopefully in time for classes to start! With the new digital era upon us, it is time to begin thinking of digital tools differently. In classrooms across the country thousands of students who are visual learners and have been using computers, video games, smartphones, music players, and a variety of other gadgets since they could talk are begging for an interactive way to learn their course material. Enter the digital author. With this third edition, we are so excited to add professor Jennifer Herzog from Herkimer County Community College to the team. Jen has worked hand-in-hand with the textbook author, creating online tools that truly complement and enhance the book’s content. She ensured that all key topics in the book have interactive, engaging activities spanning levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, and
tied to Learning Outcomes in the book. Instructors can now assign material based on what they cover in class, assess their students on the Learning Outcomes, and run reports indicating individual and/or class performance on a variety of data. Because of Jen, we can now offer you a robust digital learning program, tied to Learning Outcomes, to enhance your lecture and lab, whether you run a traditional, hybrid, or fully online course.

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