Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love

Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love

Author: Anthony William

Publisher: Hay House


Publish Date: November 8, 2016

ISBN-10: 1401948324

Pages: 352

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

From an early age, you’re taught to be careful. It starts when you’re a baby and your caregiver pulls your hand away as you reach toward an electrical outlet or a can’s sharp edge. It continues when a parent grabs on to your waist as you first try to stand on your own. On and on it goes—a mother who warns you to wash your hands before dinner, a teacher who scolds you for running in the hallway, an uncle who won’t hear of you riding a bicycle without a helmet. As children, if all goes as it’s meant to, we’re surrounded by adults who monitor our comings and goings, who prioritize our safety—adults who care and who teach us to care.

As we grow up, we internalize these lessons. When we choose our first car, safety is a top consideration. Are there good airbags? Do the brakes work well? When we think about where to go to college, we ask ourselves if we feel safe on campus, if the professors truly care about the student body. And at a certain point, our concern branches out: We may meet a partner, and suddenly her or his safety is on the radar too. Together, we plan for the future, making each other’s physical, financial, and emotional security a priority.

If children come along, we’re right back where we started, only standing in a different position now. This time, we’re the ones passing along the lessons. Some of them, like holding hands when crossing the street, are centuries old, while others, like cybersecurity, are unique to the time we live in. Eventually we may even become grandparents, with yet another generation to watch over. Meanwhile, as our parents age, we become their caregivers too. We are always looking out for one another.

Safety concerns never end. We lock our doors at night, purchase insurance, install alarm systems. We try different fad diets in hopes of preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes. With the growing threats in the world, we practice shelter-in-place drills and walk through metal detectors. We are used to living within rules and regulations, because safety is the baseline. We understand that without it, we’re lost.

This book is about another level of safety entirely, one we don’t even realize we need, and yet one that we need more than ever. I’m talking about the safety of our health—in other words, survival. These are lessons that no one knew to teach us along the way about how to adapt to our changing times. Because even with everything we already know, there is so much more to know.


Today’s information about nutrition—about what’s behind those frightening illnesses like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, and the like, and what to do about them—is inside a box. Boxes make us feel safe. They make it seem like everything is contained, and containable.

They’re deceiving that way. Threats to our safety are unpredictable; any IT specialist who’s dealt with a zero-day computer virus or any emergency responder who’s been called to the scene of an active shooter can confirm this. Safety threats aren’t constrained by a box, so our thinking can’t be, either. In order to protect our health, we need to think outside the limits of what we believe is known.

The way to truly protect yourself is by eating the foods in this book.

“Yeah, sure, Anthony,” I can hear the doubters saying already, “fruits and vegetables—that’s real original.” Well, don’t throw your rotten tomatoes at me just yet. This isn’t the same old, same old. Fruits and vegetables aren’t some cute hobby for people to occupy themselves with until scientists discover the big guns that will save the planet. These foods are the big guns. Their life-changing power is on a whole different level than has yet been discovered.

We take plant foods for granted. We think of eating them as a chore, one of those childhood lessons that we should have been allowed to outgrow by now. Or we’ve heard that we should fear cruciferous vegetables, nightshades, and fruit. Or, alternately, we’re convinced of the virtues of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, yet have no idea how to harness their full power. It’s a hodgepodge of food beliefs out there, all of them operating within a certain set of confines that limit your ability to protect yourself from health threats—and there are more health threats than ever in our current day and age. We need to be more preventative than ever before.

The information to come in these pages breaks out of the box of our modern-day understanding of nutrition. That’s because these foods affect every single aspect of your well-being. It’s not just about getting lutein for your eyes or calcium for your bones; although those are, of course, vital aspects of protecting your health, they’re just the beginning. It’s also about eating figs in groups of nine for maximum benefit, adding potatoes to your life to uncover your true nature, and wrapping up a date to take with you on a long journey as a talisman to help you find food along the way. It’s about getting to the bottom of why conditions ranging from anxiety to colitis to dementia are taking hold of the population at record rates, and how to use these life-changing foods to protect yourself from vulnerability.

This information, which comes from a source called Spirit, is very often ahead of science, so when you read in the pages to come that, for example, onions help alleviate bad breath, not cause it, you aren’t likely to find a scientific study or health-care expert who says the same thing, because no one knows this yet. Spirit understands that you don’t have decades to wait for research to uncover these answers. Are you supposed to go another 20 years suffering with stomach pain, not knowing that celery juice is the most amazing digestive tonic? No—you need access to these insights now, so you can feel better and live your life.

When you do come across information in this book that is similar to what you’ve heard elsewhere—for example, that avocado is very similar to breast milk—keep in mind that over the course of more than 25 years, I’ve shared health information with tens of thousands of people, so as they have in turn shared that information with others, some concepts have made their way into the wider world. Spirit also likes to honor those discoveries that scientists have made about food and health, as well as health wisdom that’s been around since ancient times, so here and there in these pages, you’ll find information that echoes mainstream health knowledge. As I said, Spirit always takes it to another level. For example, yes, it’s known that wild blueberries are antioxidant powerhouses. What isn’t known is that wild blueberries are the resurrection food, capable of bringing us back to life when it seems like all is lost.

It all comes down to what you need to discover to tap into your greatest potential. So much earthly energy goes into searching high and low for answers about mental and physical health, safety, protection, and enlightenment. I am here to tell you that the answers have been hiding in the produce aisle the whole time.

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Epub December 13, 2016

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