Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide

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Author: Anthony William

Publisher: Hay House Inc


Publish Date: May 21, 2019

ISBN-10: 140195765X

Pages: 208

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Book Preface

Celery juice is helping millions of people heal.

Really? Celery juice? you may be thinking, if you haven’t heard the buzz, or even if you have.

Really. Celery juice.

That unremarkable vegetable going limp in my refrigerator?

That’s right. The overlooked, underestimated, underused herb (yes, herb) that you know from the occasional tuna salad, stuffing, or ants-on-a-log snack is far more powerful than anyone realizes—if you know how to apply it to your life.

For decades, I’ve been recommending celery juice as an unparalleled healing elixir. Whether someone is looking for relief from a specific health issue or for that secret tonic to help them get their energy and glow back, celery juice has been an answer to a prayer. For all that time, I’ve had the privilege of watching it turn people’s lives around.

With the publication of my first health book, Medical Medium, I started sharing about celery juice with the wider world. I’ve featured it in all three of my books since then, because it’s so versatile that it’s been relevant every single time. The Medical Medium community has amazed me by taking this healing information to heart. After discovering for themselves that celery juice actually works, community members from around the globe have been spreading the message and sharing their testimonials. By the tens of thousands, they’ve posted before-and-after photos—showing their clearer skin, brighter eyes, stronger bodies, renewed vitality—that would astound you. The stories behind them, some describing how celery juice actually saved their lives, are even more extraordinary. People who once were struggling and now are well have offered boundless encouragement to friends and strangers. We’ve started a movement.

With all this attention celery juice is getting, it may seem like a trend that’s here today and will be gone tomorrow. Rest assured, this is no passing fad. It didn’t take off because of funding, the way health trends do. It took off because people are actually healing. Celery juice is even more useful at this moment in time than it was when I started recommending it years ago. It will be even more essential decades into the future. Put this book aside, pick it back up years from now, and it will still contain the healing truth you need. It won’t be outmoded by new theories on diet and nutrition; drinking celery juice will remain a critical action that you can incorporate into your life for health and vitality at any time. Other health trends come and go because they were never the answer to begin with. This is different: it’s lasting and true.


The first time that God led me to recommend celery juice was in 1975, to bring down the inflammation of a family member’s back injury after she fell down a staircase. It was unheard of at the time. I also distinctly remember suggesting it in 1977 to help a friend of the family who had a severe case of acid reflux.

By the age of 13 and 14, I was working as a stock boy at the local supermarket. There, I would do health consultations for people who asked, and I would take them over to the produce aisle to pick out what they needed for their symptoms and illnesses. My boss asked what would help these people more. “Well,” I said, “I need a juicer.” So he purchased a juicer.

Whenever a customer’s situation called for it—whether someone had arthritis, gout, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, or other symptoms and conditions—I would grab a head of celery from the produce section, wash it, run it through the juicer, and carry a big cup of straight celery juice to them. I was usually aiming for that magic number of 16 ounces, and I’d have them drink this herbal medicine right there in the aisle. If someone was sensitive, I’d have them take a few sips on the spot and then tell them to take a few more sips as they were shopping and finish it in the car or at home. My boss would charge only for the celery, directing checkers to ring up customers for one bunch of celery per juice. By the time customers left the store, some of them would already feel relief from their various ailments.

I heard one question over and over again: “Do you have anything to sweeten it up?” Many people hadn’t even heard of juicing yet, so the concept of fresh vegetable juice, not to mention fresh celery juice, was entirely foreign. The ones who had heard of juicing wanted some carrot, apple, or beet for flavor. I would always say, “That would defeat the purpose. It would interfere with the healing mechanism, the sodium cluster salts.” (You’ll read more about these shortly.)

Sometimes parents would give the juice to their kids, too. If a child had a cough, I’d bring out some celery juice, and a mom would hand it to her child to sip. Parents trusted me because they saw it worked. Celery juice was such a powerful remedy that if a kid was screaming or crying after eating a bunch of candy in the store and I carried out some celery juice for the parent to offer the child, it would bring about sudden calm and happiness. It was an incredible stabilizer for blood sugar highs and lows.

I was constantly running back and forth to the juicer so I could clean it out and make more celery juice. Combined with the time I spent doing little health consultations for customers, that meant my boss had to shift responsibilities so that someone else could do the job I was supposed to be doing: stocking shelves. He was gracious about it. He said he’d never ordered so much celery for a produce department in his life.

As I got older, I started doing lectures in health food stores in different parts of the country. There I would stand, in rooms filled with anywhere from 50 to 500 people, teaching about the powerful healing benefits of straight celery juice. This was the 1990s. Very few people had juicers at home, so I would show them how to make celery juice in a blender by liquefying chopped celery and then straining it. When someone owned neither a juicer nor a blender, I would tell them to chew celery sticks and spit out the pulp. While it wasn’t the same—no one can chew that much celery—it was something. I’d recommend that to avoid a tired jaw, they should chew portions of it throughout the day.

When I brought up celery juice, I’d often see people’s jaws drop. It wasn’t a popular juicing staple. The juices of the day were still made with beets, carrots, and apples, sometimes with cucumber thrown in there, and if you were lucky, a few stalks of celery. Plain celery juice made no sense to people. It didn’t even seem palatable.

People at least connected to the idea of celery as healthy, because they had heard of chopping it up for salads and adding it to soups. Some people described a wholesome celery-and-carrot broth a grandmother used to make. Others had even heard of celery having an ancient medicinal history—although it should be noted that very often when we hear about historical use of celery across different cultures, we’re actually hearing about celery root, also known as celeriac, which is a different plant altogether from the celery grown for its stalks. That’s right; celery root and celery are two different plants in the same family. With celery root, which is often compared to a turnip in appearance, it’s not a great idea to juice it, because the only way to get usable nutrients out of celery root is to cook it. In its raw state, celery root is not easily digestible. When cooked, celery root still won’t give you what celery or celery juice can.

Even with people’s different thoughts on celery—and let’s face it, no one was thinking about celery all that much—the idea of celery juice was new when I started suggesting it. Celery and celery juice are two different concepts with two different meanings. Fresh celery juice had never been used on a medicinal level, and certainly not in these dosages. If someone juiced a head of celery alone, it was because they found one wilting in the fridge that they needed to use up before it went bad. Most likely, they added a few carrots or an apple to the juice.

So as I recommended celery juice, I was met with a fair amount of skepticism. Mostly, I was met with the question “Celery . . . juice?” People were so convinced that celery was best as some sticks with dip or as one ingredient among many that it sometimes felt like a nearly impossible feat to convince anyone that plain and simple celery juice held the healing power that it did. Doctors and other practitioners would cast it off as a non-option.

Meanwhile, the results I was seeing in people who took it seriously were truly profound. I traveled around, continuing to show people how to make celery juice in mom-and-pop health food stores, large health food stores, small theaters, and even church basements, spreading the message of its healing powers for anything and everything that ailed them, along with other information that I share in the Medical Medium books.

After one demonstration in the early 1990s of how to blend and strain celery to make juice, during which I had also delivered what was practically a dissertation on its powers, a young woman in her late 20s approached me.

“I’m struggling with addiction,” she told me. “Addiction to anything and everything. I have an addictive personality.”

“Then I want you to drink thirty-two ounces of celery juice once a day,” I told her.

A month later, I was back in that health food store giving another talk. Out of the crowd of 80 or 90 people, the young woman approached me again. “Do you remember me?” she asked.

“You were dealing with the addiction problem,” I said. “How are you?”

“You cured me of my addictions,” she answered.

“I did?”

“Yes,” the woman replied. “You told me to drink celery juice.”

Celery juice healed you of your addictions,” I said. “Don’t stop drinking it.”

“I’ve never gone through a month of my life without struggle before, not since I was a little girl,” she said. “I’ll never stop drinking it.”

Through the years, I found that celery juice did have a special ability to break vicious cycles. Whether an addiction was to food such as cakes and cookies and chips, overeating in general, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, anger, smoking, or anything else, someone would often experience anxiety or depression first. And if someone wasn’t anxious or depressed to begin with, an addiction could lead them to be. The pattern of thoughts and feelings that led to certain behaviors, and behaviors that led to certain thoughts and feelings, could feel unstoppable. Celery juice cut right in and offered relief from addiction, anxiety, and depression all at once, helping someone gain their footing again.

Still, there would always be the doubters. During those lectures, the looks on people’s faces would often say, Celery? How can this be possible? Celery is worthless. Sometimes people would laugh. (They still do, although it’s becoming harder and harder to find celery juice laughable as more and more individuals go public with their healing stories.) Some people sitting in my lectures or visiting my office didn’t have any desire to stray from carrot juice or from relying on prescription drugs.

Others were open, saying, “I’m sick. I’ve been through hell. I could barely drag myself here today. I’m so bad off, I can barely stand in front of you.” One thing was the same then as it is now: when someone is unwell, they’ll pursue opportunities they never would have before.

“What have you tried?” I would ask.

“Everything. It didn’t work. I’ll try anything,” they would say.

So I would suggest celery juice.

“Celery juice it is,” these few brave souls would answer


Chapter 1: Why Celery Juice?

Chapter 2: Celery Juice Benefits

Chapter 3: Relief from Your Symptoms and Conditions

Chapter 4: How to Make Celery Juice Work for You

Chapter 5: The Celery Juice Cleanse

Chapter 6: Healing and Detox Answers

Chapter 7: Rumors, Concerns, and Myths

Chapter 8: More Healing Guidance

Chapter 9: Alternatives to Celery Juice

Chapter 10: A Healing Movement



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