Maths and Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Maths and Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Author: Himanshu Sharma

Publisher: Blurb


Publish Date: February 4, 2018

ISBN-10: 9781364849184

Pages: 430

File Type: Epub

Language: English

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Book Preface

The role of maths and statistics in the world of web analytics is not clear to many marketers. Not many talk or write about the usage of statistics and data science in conversion optimization. This book has been written to fill this knowledge gap.

Often big heavy books on maths and statistics teach you more than you need to know, you learn things that you may never use in your working life. Not only do such books waste your time and money but they also constantly push you to give up on learning key maths and statistics skills.

This expert guide will teach you exactly what you need to know. It will teach you how to leverage the knowledge of maths and statistics in order to accurately interpret data and take actions which can quickly improve the bottom-line of your online business.

Every topic that I have covered in this book has something to do directly with your day to day job. This is not a book that will help you to become a fully-fledged statistician or a book to be used to pass your maths/statistics college exam.

This book covers vital topics on maths and statistics which every internet marketer/web analyst should get familiar with in order to achieve optimum results from their analysis, marketing campaigns and conversion optimization efforts.

I will explain some of the most useful statistics terms/concepts one by one and will also show you their practical use in web analytics and conversion optimization, so that you can take advantage of them straightaway.

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Epub October 18, 2018

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