Mastering the World of Psychology (5th Edition)

Mastering the World of Psychology (5th Edition) PDF

Author: Samuel E. Wood , Ellen Green Wood

Publisher: Pearson


Publish Date: Pearson

ISBN-10: 0205968082

Pages: 624

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Why Do You Need This New Edition?

1. Enhanced Pedagogical Program.
The SQ3R learning method continues to be the pedagogical foundation of Mastering the World of Psychology. In this edition, we have added new section reviews to encourage retrieval practice. We have made the instructions for SQ3R clearer and more concise and the Pearson eText contains an SQ3R study guide for each chapter to assist you in using this pedagogical method for effective studying.

2. MyPsychLab Video Series.
This new series features over 100 original video clips covering the most recent research, science, and applications across the general psychology curriculum and utilizing the
latest in fi lm and animation technology. Each 4–6 minute video clip has automatically graded assessment questions tied to it. As you read, you will see cues that tell you which of these videos to watch to better grasp the concepts in the text or extend your
learning beyond it. The information in one of the Chapter 1 videos, Debunking Myths , will help you put aside a few misconceptions that most people have about behavior and mental processes. One of the videos for Chapter 6 , Making It Stick , will tell you how to sharpen your memory skills.

3. New Remember It Feature.
At the end of each major section of each chapter, you will see a feature called Remember It that will help you assess how much information you retained while reading the section. Most of the questions in the Remember Its are fi ll-in-the-blank, so they’ll challenge your memory and help you get ready to be tested.

4. New MyPsychLab Writing Assignments.
Writing prompts in MyPsychLab provide instant feedback and give you the opportunity to practice writing while learning important psychological concepts. A collection of conceptual and applied writing prompts corresponding with videos from the MyPsychLab Video Series cover key concepts across the general psychology curriculum.

This unique tool will give you instant feedback on both content and mechanics, allowing you to revise and improve your writing before receiving a fi nal grade from your instructor.

5. New and Expanded Coverage.
There is a wide range of new and expanded topics (including several hundred new research citations) covered in this edition, including, but not limited to, positive psychology ( Chapter 1 ); the prefrontal cortex ( Chapter 2 ); social perception ( Chapter 3 ); “larks” and “owls” ( Chapter 4 ); additive strategy for decision making ( Chapter 7 emerging adulthood ( Chapter 8 ); the complexities underlying correlations between socioeconomic status and health ( Chapter 10 ); Maslow’s humanistic theory of personality ( Chapter 11 ); and childhood disorders ( Chapter 12 ). Please see the overview of changes and additions to each chapter on page xiii.

As psychology instructors, your backgrounds, experiences, and resources are as varied as those of your students. Each of you approaches the course with a unique set of challenges but with common goals: to provide students with a solid introduction to the diverse field of psychology; to show them how psychology applies to their lives; and to teach them how to think critically. We have designed the fifth edition of Mastering the World of Psychology to help you meet these goals.

Changes to the Fifth Edition
As with each edition, we have closely examined and thoroughly updated all aspects of the text’s content, organization, and pedagogy. All of our revisions were designed to create an engaging learning tool that gives students the support they need to succeed in the course. Among the improvements made to the fifth edition are the following: ▪ Enhanced Pedagogical System: SQ3R continues to be the
pedagogical foundation of Mastering the World of Psychology . In the fifth edition, we have enhanced the SQ3R method by adding Remember It quizzes following each major section in the text. This helps students to periodically check their understanding of the material and to ensure they have mastered one section before moving on to the next.

▪ Critical Thinking Questions: We have added several writing prompts at the end of each chapter to encourage students to think critically about the material presented in the chapter. In each chapter, at least one of the prompts comes from the MyPsychLab Writing Assignments engine, which allows students to submit their responses for automated grading. This unique tool provides students with instant feedback on both content and mechanics, allowing them to revise and improve their writing before receiving a final grade from the instructor. Instructors are supplied with a numerical grade. In this way, Mastering the World of Psychology allows instructors the flexibility to incorporate writing in their course in the way that best suits their needs.

▪ New Try-It Activities: Some chapters contain new Try It activities, many of which have accompanying video clips.
▪ New Video Integration: References to relevant videos have been added to many of the feature boxes and in the margins
throughout the text. These videos can be accessed on MyPsychLab or by clicking on the image in the etext. These videos enhance the materialin the text and within the boxes, and allow students to experience and interact with the material in a different way.
▪ Engaging, Current Examples: To ensure that students identify with the material, examples have been updated and/or added
throughout the text to both help students understand the material and to apply the material to their everyday lives.

Brief Contents
APA Correlation APA-1
1 Introduction to Psychology 1
2 Biology and Behavior 38
3 Sensation and Perception 75
4 Consciousness 115
5 Learning 144
6 Memory 178
7 Cognition, Language, and Intelligence 212
8 Human Development 251
9 Motivation and Emotion 294
10 Health and Stress 328
11 Personality Theory and Assessment 363
12 Psychological Disorders 392
13 Therapies 425
14 Social Psychology 453
APPENDIX: Statistical Methods AP-1
Answers to Study Guide Questions AN-1

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