Managerial Accounting, 14th Edition

Managerial Accounting, 14th Edition PDF

Author: Ray Garrison and Eric Noreen

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Publish Date: January 5, 2011

ISBN-10: 0078111005

Pages: 832

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

In Business Boxes

These helpful boxed features offer a glimpse into how real companies use the managerial accounting concepts discussed within the chapter. Each chapter contains from three to fourteen of these current examples.

Managerial Accounting in Action Vignettes

These vignettes depict crossfunctional teams working together in real-life settings, working with the products and services that students recognize from their own lives. Students are shown step-by-step how accounting concepts are implemented in organizations and how these concepts are applied to solve everyday business problems. First, “The Issue” is introduced through a dialogue; the student then walks through the implementation process; finally, “The Wrap-up” summarizes the big picture.

End-of-Chapter Material

Managerial Accounting has earned a reputation for the best end-of-chapter practice material of any text on the market. Our problem and case material continues to conform to AACSB recommendations and makes a great starting point for class discussions and group projects. When Ray Garrison first wrote Managerial Accounting, he started with the endof- chapter material, then wrote the narrative in support of it. This unique approach to textbook authoring not only ensured consistency between the end-of-chapter material and text content but also underscored Garrison’s fundamental belief in the importance of applying theory through practice. It is not enough for students to read, they must also understand. To this day, the guiding principle of that first edition remains, and Garrison’s superior end-of-chapter material continues to provide accurate, current, and relevant practice for students.

In this edition, the authors have added a NEW end-of-chapter feature called Applying Excel. Applying Excel integrates key course concepts and Excel—a software students will encounter in the workplace, whether they go into accounting or any other business major. With Applying Excel, students not only gain practice working with Excel software, they also learn how Excel can be used to present accounting data and how that data is interrelated. For more information on this exciting new feature, please see page x.

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