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Making Wood Tools – 2nd Edition

Making Wood Tools – 2nd Edition

Author: John Wilson

Publisher: Home Shop Books


Publish Date: January 17, 2014


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File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Restoring our tool making heritage involves both design and construction of the tool body as well as the making of the blade. This book takes the mystery out of both. Those familiar with the First Edition will find modification to several tools as well as the addition of new ones. The hand adze is improved with added head weight and the spokeshave with a sole plate to protect from wear.

The new shoulder plane lends itself to a mortising plane for hinge gains, a rabbeting plane, and molding hollows and rounds. The simplicity of construction commends it as an undertaking early in your tool making venture into these specialty activities. The large compass plane builds on the scrub plane platform to give you the ability to hollow a Windsor chair seat or similar indent. And if you want a first project in using dimensional tool steel look no farther than the carving and layout knife.

Using O1 dimensional tool steel is new ground for many woodworkers. The availability of a variety of dimensions at reasonable cost is the beginning. Knowing about heat treating is what makes it useful. It is reassuring to learn that O1 tool steel remains as fine a steel as any available for the woodworker. The following is a conversation with a knife maker:

In SEM monographs comparing the grain structure of popular knife steels, O1 had the finest grain structure by far. In practical terms it means the O1 can be made sharper than other steels. Other steels have larger carbides and can make an edge that lasts longer in terms of wear, but can never be as sharp. Another attribute of O1 is that heat treating has more latitude and is easier to get good performance out of low tech processing.

The path to a fine tool can take many routes. What you will find here is my encounter with shop made tools:

  • Using means of construction readily available in the wood shop
  • Breaking down the construction into understandable steps
  • Simplifying each step to ensure success
  • Having the journey give you ownership in the fullest sense of a tool you can use.

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