Making Sense of Mass Education

Making Sense of Mass Education PDF

Author: Gordon Tait

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Publish Date: December 24, 2012

ISBN-10: 1107660637

Pages: 313

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Making Sense of Mass Education provides a comprehensive analysis of the field of mass education. The book presents new assessment of traditional issues associated with education€– such as class, race, gender, discrimination and equity€– to dispel myths and assumptions about the classroom. It employs governmental forms of analysis to better understand the role played by mass education in the management of populations; it examines the complex relationship between the media, popular culture and schooling; and it places the expectations surrounding the modern teacher within ethical, legal and historical contexts.

The book seeks to blur some of the disciplinary boundaries within the field of education, drawing upon sociology, cultural studies, history, philosophy, ethics and jurisprudence to provide stronger and more convincing analyses. Additional resources are available at to aid readers’ understanding of the book’s content.

Making Sense of Mass Education reframes the sociology of education as a complex mosaic of cultural practices, forces and innovations. Accessible, engaging and contemporary, this book is an invaluable resource for pre-service teacher education students, and anyone interested in a better understanding of mass education.


Part 1 Re-assessing the Three Pillars: Modern and Postmodern Sociologies of Education

  • Chapter 1 Social class
  • Chapter 2 Gender
  • Chapter 3 Race/ethnicity

Part 2 The Foundations of an Alternative Approach: Education and Governance

  • Chapter 4 Governance
  • Chapter 5 Subjectivity
  • Chapter 6 Pre-adulthood

Part 3 Cultural Contexts of Contemporary Education

  • Chapter 7 The media
  • Chapter 8 Popular culture
  • Chapter 9 Technology

Part 4 Philosophy and Mass Education

  • Chapter 10 Philosophy
  • Chapter 11 Ethics and the law
  • Chapter 12 Truth and postcolonialism
  • Conclusion



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