Magic in Practice (Second Edition)

Magic in Practice (Second Edition)

Author: Garner Thomson , Dr Khalid Khan, et al.

Publisher: Hammersmith Health Books


Publish Date: March 15, 2015

ISBN-10: 1781610630

Pages: 400

File Type: EPub

Language: English

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Book Preface

Many people have contributed to both editions of this book in a variety of ways—but none more so than Dr. Richard Bandler, without whom it, quite literally, would have been inconceivable. His insight, intellectual honesty and wisdom have combined to create one of the most significant tools for human development in the past century.

Apart from his work, which continues to inspire our own, we are hugely grateful for the support and encouragement he has given to the foundation and development of The Society of Medical NLP. The number of doctors, students, and allied health professionals who have had the opportunity to experience and advance the power and potential of this extraordinary technology and to pass on the benefits to their patients is growing, and will, we hope, continue to do so as the years go by.

We thank those many doctors, students, and allied health professionals who have entrusted us with their training, and we applaud their courage in seeking to explore beyond the edges of their known maps. The discoveries and experiences they report back to us are a constant source of inspiration and delight. We are delighted to feature some of their experiences in this new edition. Of special interest to us are those health professionals who, armed only with the information in the first incarnation of Magic in Practice, went out, tried some of the patterns for the first time, and achieved notable—sometimes extraordinary—results.

Our appreciation goes to those researchers whose work we cite in this book. While they have inspired us in our search for explanations for the theories and principles we discuss, and the mysteries of the body-mind system, human relationships, and health, we emphasize that any interpretation placed upon their work is ours alone. Our thanks, too, to those writers and thinkers who granted our requests to quote their words or reproduce their diagrams. To those who have not and were, for whatever reason, unable to respond to our requests, we would appreciate it if they contacted us so we can include credits in later editions.

We would particularly like to thank Georgina Bentliff who originally commissioned Magic in Practice for Hammersmith Press, and who has so bravely taken on this second edition.

Finally, thanks to Dr. Naveed Akthar for his tireless help and meticulous approach in helping to proof-read this edition.


  1. Title Page
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Comments on the Second Edition
  4. Foreword to the Second Edition
  5. Foreword to the First Edition
  6. Overview
  7. Chapter 1 Towards Healing and Health: a solution-oriented approach
  8. Chapter 2 Stress and Allostatic Load: the hidden factor in all disease
  9. Chapter 3 Avoiding Compassion Fatigue: the dark side of empathy
  10. Chapter 4 Words that Harm, Words that Heal: neurolinguistics in the consultation process
  11. Chapter 5 Primes and Priming: the secret world of indirect influence
  12. Chapter 6 Structure, Process and Change: the building blocks of experience
  13. Chapter 7 Taming the Runaway Brain: three thinking tools
  14. Phase 1: Engagement
  15. Chapter 8 The Rules of Engagement: managing first impressions
  16. Phase 2: Alignment
  17. Chapter 9 The Uninterrupted Story: beyond the 18th second
  18. Chapter 10 The Clinical Questioning Matrix: eliciting quality data
  19. Phase 3: Reorientation
  20. Chapter 11 Accessing Patient Resources: the potential for change
  21. Chapter 12 The Symptom as Solution: when the body speaks
  22. Chapter 13 A Different Kind of Reason: entering the patient’s world
  23. Chapter 14 Getting to Where You Want to Go: directions, outcomes and goals
  24. Chapter 15 Thinking in Time: temporal language, permanent change
  25. Chapter 16 Medical NLP Algorithms for Change: steps to transformation
  26. Chapter 17 Hypnosis in Healing and Health: the language of influence
  27. Chapter 18 Coherence, Chaos and Octopus Traps: the presenting past
  28. Chapter 19 From ‘Functional’ to Functioning: restructuring dysfunctional states
  29. Chapter 20 Working with the Glyph: the shape of the unconscious mind
  30. Chapter 21 Re-patterning and Future-Pacing: making and maintaining change
  31. Chapter 22 Making Something of Your World: small changes, big returns
  32. Chapter 23 Nine Minutes and Counting: fast-tracking change
  33. Chapter 24 Communicating for Life: the way forward
  34. Glossary
  35. Appendices
  36. Appendix A In the Eye of the Storm: activating the Relaxation Response
  37. Appendix B The On-line Brain: cross-lateral exercises
  38. Appendix C Medical NLP Algorithm: managing pain
  39. Appendix D Strategies: the sequencing of experience
  40. Index
  41. Copyright

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