Human Anatomy & Physiology, 8th Edition

Human Anatomy & Physiology, 8th Edition

Author: Elaine N. Marieb

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


Publish Date: March 14, 2009

ISBN-10: 0805395695

Pages: 1114

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

As educators, clinically trained individuals, and perennial students, we are continually challenged by the learning mind.What works best to get students over conceptual hurdles and to help them apply new information to the world they personally understand? Our clinical backgrounds have served our teaching and writing purposes well. Perhaps even more important, our clinical experience has allowed us to view our presentations through our students eyes and from the vantage points of their career interests.

For this edition, as for those preceding it, feedback from both student and instructor reviews indicated areas of the text that needed to be revised for clarity, timeliness, and just plain reduction of verbal meatiness. Overall, feedback was positive, verifying that the approach of explaining fundamental principles and unifying themes first as a strong base for all that comes later is still viable. Furthermore, it is clear that backing up these explanations with comfortable analogies and familiar examples enhances the students understanding of the workings of the human body.


The Eighth Edition represents a monumental revision with an entirely new art program and text presentation that build upon the hallmark strengths of the previous seven editions. With every edition, our goal is powerful but simple to make anatomy and physiology as engaging, accurate, and relevant as possible for both you and your students.The changes to the Eighth Edition are all driven by the needs of today s students, as we seek to make the learning of key concepts in A&P as easy as possible for them. Key concepts are important because of the overwhelming amount of material in this course. Mastering this material gives students an anchor and structure for managing this wealth of information. Below are the ways in which we ve revised the Eighth Edition to make this book the one where learning happens most effectively, followed by a detailed list of specific chapter-by-chapter content changes.

A whole new art program. The drive for this revision began as a simple list.We sat down together and created a chapterby- chapter list of the key concepts in A&P where students struggle the most. This list became the basis for our art revision plans. We first boiled it down to some of the toughest topics to get our list of Focus figures. This new Focus feature highlights tough topics in A&P and walks students step-bystep through complex processes that are difficult to teach and visualize. In each case, we scrutinized the process and worked through countless revisions to break it down in the most logical and easy-to-follow way possible for students. We hope you ll be as pleased with the results as we are.

We also revised and reconceptualized many of the process figures in the book to make them easier to follow and to learn from. Where appropriate we have added blue step text that serves as our author voice guiding students step-bystep through complex processes. The blue text clearly separates the process steps from the labels, making the figures easy to navigate.

Flipping through the Eighth Edition, you can see that our new art is dynamic, three-dimensional, and realistic, with dramatic views and perspectives that use vibrant, saturated colors. Using our list of key concepts, we targeted critical figures in anatomy and worked closely with the artistic team on making these figures superior in rendering and in conveying the key pedagogical information and structures that students need to learn from the figure, striking a perfect balance between realism and teaching effectiveness.


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