Gurps Martial Arts: Exotic Combat Systems from All Cultures

Gurps Martial Arts: Exotic Combat Systems from All Cultures PDF

Author: C. J. Carella , Steve Jackson

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games


Publish Date: August 1, 1991

ISBN-10: 1556341911

Pages: 160

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface


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The martial arts, in all their many forms, have captured the imaginations of generations. As a spectator sport, a mystic discipline or a way to shape the human body into a finely honed weapon, the skills of hand-to-hand combat and physical and mental conditioning are fascinating. Fantasy and adventure fiction have been deeply influenced by the martial arts. The unyielding samurai, always ready to lay his life on the line, has become the epitome of the warrior spirit. Dark-clad ninja noiselessly moving in the night have become classic villains – and occasionally heroes. The “code” of the martial arts master, who acts only in self-defense or in defense of the helpless, serves as a worthy guideline for any hero.

This worldbook is dedicated both to the GMs and players who want to roleplay in the martial arts world of the past and the present, and to those who wish to explore the cinematic universe of Brace Lee and Chuck Morris. I hope you will find martial arts history as rich and exciting as its fantasy, and that both can serve you well for roleplaying.

This book may enrich other campaigns as well. A martial arts character can fit in any background (see Chapter 6); after all, they have been around for thousands of years, and have touched every corner of the world. GMs and players who enjoy mixing different backgrounds and settings should remember the TV series Kung Fu, where a Chinese monk traveled through America’s western frontier. So put on your gi, tighten your obi, pack your katana and nunchaku, and enter the world of GURPS Martial Arts!


C.J. Carella has finally worked his way up from being an amateur starving writer to becoming a professional starving writer. Born in New York, C.J. has lived in Peru, Venezuela and Connecticut, in that order. His realistic martial arts experience comes from the study of Karate-do Shitoryu. His cinematic martial arts background includes a few million hours of exposure to martial arts fiction in all possible mediums, from books to movies to video games. He has a B.A. in Medieval History from Yale University. His hobbies/ obsessions include science fiction and fantasy, comic books and gaming, all of which he calls “research material.”

His love affair with GURPS began with the publication of the Man to Man. His writing credits include GURPS Imperial Rome, GURPS War Against the Chtorr and GURPS Voodoo for Steve Jackson Games, as well as Pantheons of the Megaverse and Rifts Mercenaries for Palladium Books. He is now working full time as a game designer in Detroit, Michigan; his last surviving cat is currently in exile.

Sean Punch is a former particle physicist who now works as GURPS line editor and overall system guru for SJ Games. He considers his change in careers to be a step up. He currently works via the Internet, where he is better known as Dr. Kromm. He has been a fanatical gamer since 1979. Sean and his wife, Bonnie, presently live in Montreal, Quebec with their three cats and one bird.

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