Grant’s Dissector 15th edition

Grant’s Dissector 15th edition PDF

Author: Tank

Publisher: Lippincott Wolter


Publish Date: 2012

ISBN-10: 8184736614

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Language: English

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Book Preface

Grant’s Dissector was originally designed as an instruction manual for dissection by the regional approach. The 15th edition continues this tradition. It has been rewritten to make the dissection instructions more concise and more appropriate to today’s gross anatomy curriculum. However, Grant’s Dissector is not an anatomical atlas, nor is it a textbook of anatomy. It is only intended to provide dissection instructions and enough anatomical details to make the student observe and recognize the important relationships that have been revealed. The student is encouraged to rely upon Grant’s Dissector only for dissection instructions and to use a textbook such as Clinically Oriented Anatomy and a quality atlas such as Grant’s Atlas to provide anatomical details.


Consistent Organization
Each chapter in the 15th edition begins with a brief study of surface anatomy. Next, an overview of osteology is presented in a concise way to provide the student with important foundational structures that will aid in localization of soft tissue structures. Additional osteology is presented throughout each chapter when appropriate to support the dissection. Each dissection activity begins with a section called “ Dissection Overview.” This section is a thumbnail sketch of what is to be accomplished during the dissection session. It is followed by a section entitled “Dissection Instructions.” The Dissection Instructions lead the student through the dissection in a logical sequence by use of a series of numbered steps. The numbering sequence allows the student to return quickly to the appropriate place on the page to get the next dissection instruction. Each dissection concludes with a section called “Dissection Follow-up.” The Dissection Follow-up is a numbered list of tasks for the students to perform in the lab following the dissection. These tasks illustrate the important features of the dissection and encourage the synthesis of information.

Improved Dissection Instructions
The best way to evaluate a dissector is by use in the dissecting laboratory. Through use, small changes in wording (often at the suggestion of students and teaching faculty) may be identifi ed that will clarify and improve the dissection experience. These small changes may be diffi cult to recognize in the fi nal product but they make a world of difference in the quality of the dissection experience.

New Head Removal Instructions
A new head removal method is presented in the 15th edition. The change is intended to make removal of the head and the study of internal features of the cranial cavity easier and faster for students.

New Illustrations
A total of 69 new illustrations appear in the 15th edition of Grant’s Dissector. These illustrations are scattered through all seven chapters and are a continuation of the art program that was begun with the 13th edition. Some of these new illustrations are replacements for existing illustrations and are intended to clarify the intent of the original drawing. Many original illustrations have been added to support the descriptions in the text and to assist the student in making correct incisions.

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