Forensic Analytical Techniques

Forensic Analytical Techniques PDF

Author: Barbara H. Stuart

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: February 11, 2013

ISBN-10: 0470687282

Pages: 234

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

There has been a rapid expansion in the provision of further education in recent years, which has brought with it the need to provide more flexible methods of teaching in order to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly more diverse type of student. In this respect, the open learning approach has proved to be a valuable and effective teaching method, in particular for those students who for a variety of reasons cannot pursue full-time traditional courses. As a result, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd first published the Analytical Chemistry by Open Learning (ACOL) series of textbooks in the late 1980s. This series, which covers all of the major
analytical techniques, rapidly established itself as a valuable teaching resource, providing a convenient and flexible means of studying for those people who, on account of their individual circumstances, were not able to take advantage of more conventional methods of education in this particular subject area.

Following upon the success of the ACOL series, which by its very name is predominately concerned with analytical chemistry, the Analytical Techniques in the Sciences (AnTS) series of open learning texts has now been introduced with the aim of providing a broader coverage of the many areas of science in which analytical techniques and methods are now increasingly applied. With this in mind, the AnTS series of texts seeks to provide a range of books which will cover not only the actual techniques themselves, but also those scientific disciplines which have a necessary requirement for analytical characterization methods. Analytical instrumentation continues to increase in sophistication, and as a consequence, the range of materials that can now be almost routinely analysed has increased accordingly. Books in this series which are concerned with the techniques themselves will reflect such advances in analytical instrumentation, while at the same time providing full and detailed discussions of the fundamental concepts and theories of the particular analytical method being considered. Such books will cover a variety of techniques, including general instrumental analysis, spectroscopy, chromatography, electrophoresis, tandem techniques, electroanalytical methods, X-ray analysis and other significant topics. In addition, books in the series will include the application of analytical techniques in areas such as environmental science, the life sciences, clinical analysis, food science, forensic analysis, pharmaceutical science, conservation and archaeology, polymer science and general solid-state materials science.

Written by experts in their own particular fields, the books are presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly style, with each chapter including both learning objectives and summaries of the subject matter being covered. The progress of the reader can be assessed by the use of frequent self-assessment questions (SAQs) and discussion questions (DQs), along with their corresponding reinforcing or remedial responses, which appear regularly throughout the texts. The books are thus eminently suitable both for self-study applications and for forming the basis of industrial company in-house training schemes. Each text also contains a large amount of supplementary material, including bibliographies, lists of acronyms and abbreviations, tables of SI units and important physical constants and, where appropriate, glossaries and references to literature sources.

It is therefore hoped that this present series of textbooks will prove to be a useful and valuable source of teaching material, both for individual students and for teachers of science courses.

Dave Ando
Dartford, UK

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