Exploring Social Psychology 8th Edition

Exploring Social Psychology 8th Edition PDF

Author: David Myers

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: January 20, 2017

ISBN-10: 1259880885

Pages: 512

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This is a book I (David) secretly wanted to write. I have long believed that what is wrong with all psychology textbooks (including those I have written) is their overlong chapters. Few can read a 40-page chapter in a single sitting without their eyes glazing and their mind wandering. So why not organize the discipline into digestible chunks—say forty 15-page chapters rather than fifteen 40-page chapters—that a student could read in a sitting, with a sense of completion?

Thus, when McGraw-Hill psychology editor Chris Rogers first suggested that I abbreviate and restructure my 15-chapter, 600-page Social Psychology into a series of crisply written 10-page modules, I said “Eureka!” At last a publisher willing to break convention by packaging the material in a form ideally suited to students’ attention spans. By presenting concepts and findings in smaller bites, we also hoped not to overload students’ capacities to absorb new information. And, by keeping Exploring Social Psychology slim, we sought to enable instructors to supplement it with other reading.

As the playful module titles suggest, my new co-author, Jean Twenge, and I have also broken with convention by introducing social psychology in an essay format. Each is written in the spirit of Thoreau’s admonition: “Anything living is easily and naturally expressed in popular language.” Our aim in the parent Social Psychology, and even more so here, is to write in a voice that is both solidly scientific and warmly human, factually rigorous and intellectually provocative. We hope to reveal social psychology as an investigative reporter might, by providing a current summary of important social phenomena, by showing how social psychologists uncover and explain such phenomena, and by reflecting on their human significance.

In selecting material, we have represented social psychology’s scope, highlighting its scientific study of how we think about, influence, and relate to one another. We also emphasize material that casts social psychology in the intellectual tradition of the liberal arts. By the teaching of great literature, philosophy, and science, liberal education seeks to expand our thinking and awareness and to liberate us from the confines of the present. Social psychology can contribute to these goals. Many undergraduate social psychology students are not psychology majors; most will enter other professions. By focusing on humanly significant issues such as belief and illusion, independence and interdependence, love and hate, we aim to present social psychology in ways that inform and stimulate all students. The new eighth edition features updated coverage throughout. This includes, for example,
∙ new material on replication initiatives,
∙ new module on “Narcissism and the Limits of Self-Esteem,”
∙ updated statistics throughout (on gender, race, climate change, etc.),
∙ new perspectives on classic studies, such as the Milgram obedience research,
∙ new section on gay-lesbian prejudice, and
∙ more big data, including social media (for example, Facebook) studies.

Brief Contents
Preface xvi
Introducing Social Psychology 1
MODULE 1 Doing Social Psychology 3
MODULE 2 Did You Know It All Along? 13
Social Thinking 17
MODULE 3 Self-Concept: Who Am I? 19
MODULE 4 Self-Serving Bias 31
MODULE 5 Narcissism and the Limits of Self-Esteem 41
MODULE 6 The Fundamental Attribution Error 47
MODULE 7 The Powers and Perils of Intuition 55
MODULE 8 Reasons for Unreason 63
MODULE 9 Behavior and Belief 73
MODULE 10 Clinical Intuition 85
MODULE 11 Clinical Therapy: The Powers of Social Cognition 91
Social Influence 103
MODULE 12 Human Nature and Cultural Diversity 105
MODULE 13 Gender, Genes, and Culture 113
MODULE 14 How Nice People Get Corrupted 129
MODULE 15 Two Routes to Persuasion 143
MODULE 16 Indoctrination and Inoculation 157
MODULE 17 The Mere Presence of Others 163
MODULE 18 Many Hands Make Diminished Responsibility 169
MODULE 19 Doing Together What We Would Not Do Alone 175
MODULE 20 How Do Groups Intensify Decisions? 181
MODULE 21 Power to the Person 195
Social Relations 205
MODULE 22 The Reach of Prejudice 207
MODULE 23 The Roots of Prejudice 219
MODULE 24 The Nature and Nurture of Aggression 243
MODULE 25 Do the Media Influence Social Behavior? 263
MODULE 26 Who Likes Whom? 277
MODULE 27 The Ups and Downs of Love 297
MODULE 28 Causes of Conflict 313
MODULE 29 Blessed Are the Peacemakers 325
MODULE 30 When Do People Help? 339
MODULE 31 Social Psychology and the Sustainable Future 347
References R-1
Name Index NI-1

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