Elementary and Intermediate Algebra 5th Edition

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra 5th Edition PDF

Author: Alan S. Tussy and R. David Gustafson

Publisher: Brooks Cole


Publish Date: January 1, 2012

ISBN-10: 1111567689

Pages: 1280

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

We are excited to present the Fifth Edition of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra.We believe the revision process has produced an even stronger instructional experience for both students and teachers. First, we have fine-tuned several of the popular features of our series, including the Strategy and Why example structure, the problem-solving strategy, and the online homework.

Second, we have introduced some new features to further promote student understanding and success. The new Look Alikes problems in the Study Sets will help students improve their problem recognition. The Are You Ready? exercises that begin each section give students the opportunity to review necessary prerequisite skills before they are asked to apply them in the study of new topics. Furthermore, the additional Campus to Careers problems inserted in the Study Sets expand on the real-life applications of the chapter material.

We want to thank all of you throughout the country who have provided suggestions and input about the previous edition. Your insight has proven invaluable. Throughout this process, our fundamental belief has remained the same: Algebra is a language in its own right. And, as always, the prime objective of this textbook is to teach students how to read, write, speak, and think using the language of algebra.

New to the Fifth Edition

Sections That Begin with Review: Are You Ready?
Each section begins with a set of Are You Ready? problems. These problems review crucial prerequisite skills that students need to have mastered in order to be successful with the new topics of that section. Study Sets with More Problem-Recognition

Practice: Look Alikes
After a poorer than expected performance on a test, students often tell their instructors, “I could do the homework each night, but when it comes to the test, I get confused.” The new Look Alikes feature builds students’ problemrecognition skills. It requires students to distinguish between similar looking problem types and then to select the correct strategy to solve the problem. Encountering such situations in the homework assignments will better prepare students for quizzes and tests.

And Even More Problem-Recognition Practice: Try It Yourself
Designed to promote problem recognition, instructors and reviewers requested more Try It Yourself problems for the Fifth Edition. These problem types are thoroughly mixed, giving students an opportunity to practice decision making and strategy selection as they would when taking a test or quiz. With more than 80% more problems added, students will have even more opportunities to practice this essential skill.

Comprehensive Test
Preparation: Chapter Tests Instructors often assign an end-ofchapter test for students to use as a means to study for a classroom exam. However, after taking the exam, students often remark that the classroom exam included problem types that weren’t in the Chapter Test. To address this issue, we have made sure that each Chapter Test is a comprehensive collection of problems that covers all of the topics discussed in the chapter. As a result, the Chapter Tests are lengthy. If students have time to complete a Chapter Test, that would be optimal. If, because of time constraints, they are unable to do so, the instructor can assign an appropriate subset of problems that reflects the types of problems that students can see on the exam. This should alleviate the discrepancy between what students practice and what they will see on the test.

Additional Relevant,
Motivating Applications in the Examples and Study Sets We have included many new applied examples and problems that involve relevant topics such as our environment and sustainability issues, energy savings, technology and social media, and recycling. For a complete list of topics, see the Index of Applications following the Preface. To see a sampling of new topics added to each chapter, see Content Changes by Chapter in this Preface.

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