Discovering Computers ©2018: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices

Discovering Computers ©2018: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices

Author: Misty E. Vermaat, Susan L. Sebok, et al

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Publish Date: March 6, 2017

ISBN-10: 9781337285100

Pages: 736

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

As you glance around any classroom, you invariably see paper notebooks and notepads on each desk. Because deciphering and sharing handwritten notes can be a challenge, Microso OneNote 2016 replaces physical notebooks, binders, and paper notes with a searchable, digital notebook. OneNote captures your ideas and schoolwork on any device so you can stay organized, share notes, and work with others on projects. Whether you are a student taking class notes as shown in Figure 1 or an employee taking notes in company meetings, OneNote is the one place to keep notes for all of your projects.

Creating a OneNote Notebook
OneNote is divided into sections similar to those in a spiral-bound notebook. Each OneNote notebook contains sections, pages, and other notebooks. You can use One- Note for school, business, and personal projects. Store information for each type of project in dierent notebooks to keep your tasks separate, or use any other organization that suits you. OneNote is exible enough to adapt to the way you want to work.

When you create a notebook, it contains a blank page with a plain white background by default, though you can use templates, or stationery, to apply designs in categories such as Academic, Business, Decorative, and Planners. Start typing or use the buttons on the Insert tab to insert notes, which are small resizable windows that can contain text, equations, tables, on-screen writing, images, audio and video recordings, to-do lists, le attachments, and le printouts. Add as many notes as you need to each page.

Syncing a Notebook to the Cloud
OneNote saves your notes every time you make a change in a notebook. To make sure you can access your notebooks with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever you are, OneNote uses cloud-based storage, such as OneDrive or SharePoint. Microsoft OneNote Mobile app, a lightweight version of OneNote 2016 shown in Figure 2, is available for free in the Windows Store, Google Play for Android devices, and the

AppStore for iOS devices.
If you have a Microso account, OneNote saves your notes on OneDrive automatically for all your mobile devices and computers, which is called syncing. For example, you can use OneNote to take notes on your laptop during class, and then open OneNote on your phone to study later. To use a notebook stored on your computer with your OneNote Mobile app, move the notebook to OneDrive. You can quickly share notebook content with other people using OneDrive.

Taking Notes
Use OneNote pages to organize your notes by class and topic or lecture. Beyond simple typed notes, OneNote stores drawings, converts handwriting to searchable text and mathematical sketches to equations, and records audio and video. OneNote includes drawing tools that let you sketch freehand drawings such as biological cell diagrams and nancial supply-and-demand charts. As shown in Figure 3, the Draw tab on the ribbon provides these drawing tools along with shapes so you can insert diagrams and other illustrations to represent your ideas. When you draw on a page, One- Note creates a drawing canvas, which is a container for shapes and lines.

Converting Handwriting to Text
When you use a pen tool to write on a notebook page, the text you enter is called inked handwriting. OneNote can convert inked handwriting to typed text when you use the Ink to Text button in the Convert group on the Draw tab, as shown in Figure 4. Aer OneNote converts the handwriting to text, you can use the Search box to nd terms in the converted text or any other note in your notebooks.

Recording a Lecture
If your computer or mobile device has a microphone or camera, OneNote can record the audio or video from a lecture or business meeting as shown in Figure 5. When you record a lecture (with your instructor’s permission), you can follow along, take regular notes at your own pace, and review the video recording later. You can control the start, pause, and stop motions of the recording when you play back the recording of your notes.


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