Digital Marketing By Will Rowan

Digital Marketing By Will Rowan PDF

Author: Will Rowan

Publisher: Kogan Page Business Books


Publish Date: October 2002

ISBN-10: 0749436646

Pages: 244

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Digital Marketing is a book of 10 propositions and 1 Web site. Each of the propositions has been written so that it can be read independently, and works through the consequences of an aspect of the digital marketing environment in some detail. So that readers will be able to follow each proposition independently, regardless of the order in which the book is read, I have tried to make sure that ideas are outlined briefly wherever some explanation may be necessary. You can, of course, still read Digital Marketing from cover to cover.

Throughout, there are examples of good digital marketing. There isn’t enough space in this printed book to fit in every example, so supplementary material has been placed on the book’s Web site. The Web site will be maintained regularly so you will always be able to find relevant examples of current best practice. Feel free to suggest you own examples when you visit. The Digital MarketingWeb site should be a useful tool: there are a number of downloads available, together with updates and a discussion area.

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