Database Systems: Design, Implementation, & Management, Loose-Leaf Version 12th Edition

Database Systems: Design, Implementation, & Management, Loose-Leaf Version 12th Edition

Author: Carlos Coronel and Steven Morris

Publisher: Course Technology


Publish Date: January 28, 2016

ISBN-10: 1305866797

Pages: 818

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

To the treasures in my life: To Victoria, for 26 wonderful years. Thank you for your unending support, for being my angel, my sweetie, and most importantly, my best friend. To Carlos Anthony, who is an awesome older brother to all. Thank you for your words of wisdom, hard-working attitude, and for giving us reasons to be happy. You are still young; your best times are still to come. To Gabriela Victoria, who is the image of brilliance, beauty, and faithfulness. Thank you for being the sunshine in my cloudy days. Your future is bright and endless. To Christian Javier, who is smarter than of all of us. Thank you for being the youthful reminder of life’s simple beauties. Keep challenging yourself to new highs. To my parents, Sarah and Carlos, thank you for your sacrifice and example. To all of you, you are all my inspiration. “TQTATA.”

Carlos Coronel
To Pamela, from high school sweetheart through 26 years of marriage, you are the beautiful love of my life who has supported, encouraged, and inspired me. More than anyone else, you are responsible for whatever successes I have achieved. To my son, Alexander Logan, your depth of character is without measure. You are my pride and joy. To my daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, your beauty and intensity take my breath away. You are my heart and soul. Thank you all for the sacrifices you have made that enabled me to pursue this dream. I love you so much more than I can express. To my mother, Florence Maryann, and to the memory of my father, Alton Lamar, together they instilled in me the desire to learn and the passion to achieve. To my mother-in-law, Connie Duke, and to the memory of my father-in-law, Wayne Duke, they taught me to find joy in all things. To all of you, with all my love, I dedicate this book.

Steven Morris

For Peter

To longtime colleague and friend, Peter Rob: Your drive and dedication to your students started this book. Your depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and pursuit of excellence made it succeed. Your patience and guidance continue to light our path. It is our sincere hope that, as we move forward, we can continue to live up to your standard. Enjoy your retirement, my friend; you have surely earned it.
Carlos Coronel and Steven Morris


Brief Contents

Preface, xiv
Text Features, xix
Additional Features, xxi
Acknowledgments, xxiii
Part 1: Database Concepts 1
1. Database Systems, 2
2. Data Models, 35
Part 2: Design Concepts 71
3. The Relational Database Model, 72
4. Entity Relationship (ER) Modeling, 117
5. Advanced Data Modeling, 169
6. Normalization of Database Tables, 201
Part 3: Advanced Design and Implementation 245
7. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL), 246
8. Advanced SQL , 340
9. Database Design, 439
Part 4: Advanced Database Concepts 481
10. Transaction Management and Concurrency Control, 482
11. Database Performance Tuning and Query Optimization, 515
12. Distributed Database Management Systems, 553
13. Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses, 589
14. Big Data Analytics and NoSQL, 648
Part 5: Databases and the Internet 679
15. Database Connectivity and Web Technologies, 680
Part 6: Database Administration 721
16. Database Administration and Security, 722
Glossary, 769
Index, 783

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