Concepts in Biology 13th Edition

Concepts in Biology 13th Edition PDF

Author: Eldon D. Enger

Publisher: McGraw-Hill


Publish Date: January 2008

ISBN-10: 0073403431

Pages: 682

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The origin of this book remains deeply rooted in our concern for the education of college students in the field of biology. We believe that large, thick books intimidate introductory-level students who are already anxious about taking science courses.

With each edition, we have worked hard to provide a book that is useful, interesting, and engaging to students while introducing them to the core concepts and current state of the science.

The Thirteenth Edition
There are several things about the thirteenth edition of Concepts in Biology that we find exciting. This revision, as with previous editions, is very much a collaborative effort. When we approach a revision, we carefully consider comments and criticisms of reviewers and discuss how to address their suggestions and concerns. As we proceed through the revision process, we solicit input from one another and we critique each other’s work. This edition has several significant changes.

Opening Chapter Vignette
The opening page of each chapter now begins with a vignette that presents a situation or scenario that students are likely to encounter. The scenario is intended to draw the students into the chapter by showing how the material is relevant to their lives. At the end of the vignette, the student is asked to consider three questions. Two of the questions are factual. The student should be able to answer these after reading the chapter. The third question poses an ethical dilemma and is meant to challenge the student to think about the topic in broader philosophical terms.

Background Check Feature
Each chapter is written with the assumption that the reader has certain background information. A new feature—Background Check—explicitly states the key concepts the reader should already understand in order to get the most from the chapter. Students who lack this essential background information are referred to the chapter where the concepts are discussed.

Enhanced Visuals and Page Layout
The visual elements of a text are extremely important to the learning process. Over 130 figures are new or have been modified. The purpose of these changes is to more clearly illustrate a concept or show examples of material discussed in the text.

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