Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy 5th Edition

Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy 5th Edition PDF

Author: Lynn S. Lippert PT MS

Publisher: F.A. Davis Company


Publish Date: January 11, 2011

ISBN-10: 0803623909

Pages: 352

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The major addition to the Fifth Edition is the chapter on the circulatory system. The cardiovascular and lymphatic systems are becoming more clinically relevant in the fields of physical and occupational therapy, athletic training, and massage therapy, just as they have in other medical fields. New treatment techniques require basic understanding of these systems.
Individuals wanting a fundamental understanding of kinesiology and anatomy from a clinical perspective will find this text of great value. The anatomical basis of common pathological conditions is briefly described in most chapters to give greater clinical relevance. The functional activities and clinical exercises in the “Review Questions” section of many chapters have been expanded.

he depth and scope of the text remains the same. Emphasis is on basic kinesiology and anatomy. Simple, easy-to-follow descriptions and explanations remain the core of this book. Not all disciplines may need all of the information within this text. For example, some disciplines may not have a need to study arthrokinematics, or the temporomandibular joint, or gait. The book is written so that instructors can omit these and other concepts without putting the student at a disadvantage in terms of understanding other subject matter. The chapters dedicated to the various joints are essentially self-standing, so the order in which they are read can be easily changed. Instead of beginning with joints of the upper extremity, one could begin with the lower extremity or the axial skeleton, and not lose understanding.
Lynn S. Lippert

Contents in Brief

Part I
Basic Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
CHAPTER 1 Basic Information 3
CHAPTER 2 Skeletal System 13
CHAPTER 3 Articular System 21
CHAPTER 4 Arthrokinematics 31
CHAPTER 5 Muscular System 39
CHAPTER 6 Nervous System 53
CHAPTER 7 Circulatory System 75
CHAPTER 8 Basic Biomechanics 93
Part II
Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
of the Upper Extremities
CHAPTER 9 Shoulder Girdle 115
CHAPTER 10 Shoulder Joint 131
CHAPTER 11 Elbow Joint 147
CHAPTER 12 Wrist Joint 161
CHAPTER 13 Hand 171
Part III
Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
of the Trunk
CHAPTER 14 Temporomandibular
Joint 197
CHAPTER 15 Neck and Trunk 211
CHAPTER 16 Respiratory System 235
CHAPTER 17 Pelvic Girdle 247
Part IV
Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
of the Lower Extremities
CHAPTER 18 Hip Joint 261
CHAPTER 19 Knee Joint 283
CHAPTER 20 Ankle Joint and Foot 301
Part V
Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy
of the Body
CHAPTER 21 Posture 329
CHAPTER 22 Gait 339
Bibliography 357
Answers to Review Questions 361
Index 377

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