Chemistry Module II- Physical Chemistry II for JEE

Chemistry Module II- Physical Chemistry II for JEE PDF

Author: Ranveer Singh

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education


Publish Date: McGraw Hill Education

ISBN-10: 9352606035

Pages: 313

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Chemistry forms an important part of all entrance tests. In my teaching career, spanning over a decade and half, I have felt that a chemistry book based on the changing perceptions, needs, feedback and the experiences of the students and educators is needed by the engineering aspirants. It is with this vision that the present book has been written. This book is not a textbook. It is a refresher text to help students revise their lessons in the quickest possible way and in the most effective manner. It does not over emphasise theories, as has been done in several other competitive books available in the market. However, every care has been taken to ensure that no important theory is left out. This book has several new features: coverage of the syllabus of JEE (Main + Advanced); a great number of solved numerical examples to acquaint students with the application of several theories, solution at the end of each exercise and two levels of questions at the end of the chapters to give readers an opportunity to assess their understanding of the chapters. The use of easily understandable language is at the core of the author’s efforts. The exercises given at the end of every chapter is further categorised into three difficulty level of questions and their patterns asked in JEE along with the previous year questions with solutions. ● Level-I has the questions mainly suitable for JEE Main exam. ● Level-II contains slightly difficult questions suitable for JEE Advanced. ● Level-III has the highest questions of various patterns asked in JEEAdvanced (such as more than one correct answer, comprehension, match the column and single digit integer). I hope this book will help in motivating and encouraging the students towards the preparation forthe Chemistry portion of the examinations. Every care has been taken to make the book error-free. However, some mistakes may have been crept in inadvertently. Constructive suggestions and comments from students and teachers would encourage me to make the book more authentic and acceptable in the next edition. We wish our young readers a great success at the engineering entrance examinations. Ranveer Singh

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