Chemistry in Context 9th Edition

Chemistry in Context 9th Edition PDF

Author: American Chemical Society

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: February 14, 2017

ISBN-10: 1259638146

Pages: 720

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Climate change. Water contamination. Air pollution. Food shortages. These and other societal issues are regularly featured in the media. However, did you know that chemistry plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges? A knowledge of chemistry is also essential to improve the quality of our lives. For instance, faster electronic devices, stronger plastics, and more effective medicines and vaccines all rely on the innovations of chemists throughout the world. With our world so dependent on chemistry, it is unfortunate that most chemistry textbooks do not provide significant details regarding real-world applications. Enter Chemistry in Context—“the book that broke the mold.” Since its inception in 1993, Chemistry in Context has focused on the presentation of chemistry fundamentals within a contextual framework.

So, what is “context,” and how will this make your study of chemistry more interesting and relevant?

Context! This word is derived from the Latin word meaning “to weave.” Hence, Chemistry in Context weaves together connections between chemistry and society. In the absence of societal issues, there could be no Chemistry in Context. Similarly, without teachers and students who are willing (and brave enough) to engage in these issues, there could be no Chemistry in Context. As the “Central Science,” chemistry
is woven into the fabric of practically every issue that our society faces today. Context! Do you enjoy good stories about the world in which you live? If so, look inside this book for stories that intrigue, challenge, and possibly even motivate you to act in new or different ways. In almost all contexts—local, regional, and global—parts of these stories are still unfolding. The ways in which you and others make choices today will determine the nature of the stories told in the future. Context! Are you aware that using a real-world context to engage people is a high-impact practice backed up by research on how people learn? Chemistry in Context offers real-world contexts through which to engage learners on multiple levels: personal, societal, and global. Given the rapidly changing nature of these contexts, Chemistry in Context also offers teachers the opportunity to become learners alongside their students.

Sustainability—The Ultimate Context

Global sustainability is not just a challenge. Rather, it is the defining challenge of our century. Accordingly, the ninth edition of Chemistry in Context continues to focus on this challenge, both as a topic worth studying and as a problem worth solving. As a topic, sustainability provides an important source of content for students to master. For example, the tragedy of the commons, the Triple Bottom Line, and the concept of cradle-to-cradle are all part of this essential content. As a problem worth solving, sustainability generates new questions for students to ask—ones that help them to imagine and achieve a sustainable future. For example, students will find questions about the risks and benefits of acting (or not acting) to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


Incorporating sustainability requires more than a casual rethinking of the curriculum. Unlike most general chemistry texts, Chemistry in Context is context rich. In essence, you can think of our coverage as a “Citizens First” approach that is contextdriven, rather than the content-driven “Atoms First” approach used in many general chemistry curricula. Thus, unlike any other textbook, we provide interesting real-world scenarios about energy, materials, food, water, and health in order to convey essential chemistry content alongside the key concepts of sustainability.

Green chemistry, a means to sustainability, continues to be an important theme in Chemistry in Context. As in previous editions, examples of green chemistry are highlighted in each chapter. In this new edition, we provide even more examples. This expanded coverage offers the reader a better sense of the need for, and importance of, greening our chemical processes.


1 Portable Electronics: The Periodic Table in the Palm
of Your Hand 2
2 The Air We Breathe 38
3 Radiation from the Sun 78
4 Climate Change 118
5 Energy from Combustion 170
6 Energy from Alternative Sources 228
7 Energy Storage 270
8 Water Everywhere: A Most Precious Resource 306
9 The World of Polymers and Plastics 358
10 Brewing and Chewing 398
11 Nutrition 428
12 Health & Medicine 482
13 Genes and Life 522
14 Who Killed Dr. Thompson? A Forensic Mystery 554
1 Measure for Measure: Metric Prefixes, Conversion Factors,
and Constants A-1
2 The Power of Exponents A-2
3 Clearing the Logjam A-3
4 Answers to Your Turn Questions A-5
5 Answers to Selected End-of-Chapter Questions Indicated
in Blue in the Text A-50
Glossary G-1
Index I-1

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