Chemistry: Atoms First 3rd Edition

Chemistry: Atoms First 3rd Edition

Author: Julia Burdge vvv, Jason Overby Professor

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: February 9, 2017

ISBN-10: 1259638138

Pages: 1200

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The third edition of Atoms First by Burdge and Overby continues to build on the innovative success of the first and second editions. Changes to this edition include specific refinements intended to augment the student-centered pedagogical features that continue to make this book effective and popular both with professors, and with their students.

NEW! Student Hot Spot and Student-Centered Refinements using Heat Maps Using heat maps from the adaptive reading tool SmartBook®, and the detailed analysis of student performance it provides, we were able to target specific learning objectives
for minor re-wording, further explanation, or better illustration. Because SmartBook is a dynamic learning tool, we have a multitude of live data that show us exactly where students have been struggling with content; and we have direct insight into student learning that may not always be evident through other assessment methods. The data, such as average time spent answering each question and the percentage of students who correctly answered the question on the first attempt, revealed the learning
objectives that students found particularly difficult.

This has allowed our revisions to be truly student-centered. For example, given specific known topics where students are struggling, we are able to clarify concepts or provide visual interpretations such as the below figure.
Further, armed with this powerful insight into the places many students struggle with content, we are able to provide strategically-timed access to additional learning resources. In the text, we have identified areas of particularly difficult content as “Student Hot Spots”—and use them to direct students to a variety of learning resources specific to that content. Students will be able to access over 1,000 digital learning resources throughout this text’s SmartBook. These learning resources present summaries of concepts and worked examples, including over 200 videos of chemistry faculty solving problems or modeling concepts which students can view over and over again.

Updated Pedagogy

At the suggestion of many users, we have changed the Section Review questions to multiple choice. This provides an inviting opportunity for self-assessment at the end of each section. Students report using these questions to determine whether or not they have mastered the necessary skills to proceed to the next section—and most consider the multiple-choice format to be especially user-friendly. In addition, over 125 of the end-of-chapter problems have been revised and/or updated to provide a refreshed set of practice opportunities.

Key Skills–Relocated!

Newly located immediately before the end-of-chapter problems, Key Skills pages are modules that provide a review of specific problem-solving techniques from that particular chapter. These are techniques the authors know are vital to success in later chapters. The Key Skills pages are designed to be easy for students to find touchstones to hone specific skills from earlier chapters—in the context of later chapters. The answers to the Key Skills Problems can be found in the Answer Appendix in the back of the book.

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