Chemagic: 50 Chemistry Classics and Magical Tricks

Chemagic: 50 Chemistry Classics and Magical Tricks

Author: Seah Wee Khee

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company


Publish Date: October 10, 2008

ISBN-10: 9812837078

Pages: 148

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

We pondered long and hard on how to bring to you a publication that would edify the groups of people closest to our hearts. As avid chemists, we spent many hours in the lab trying out new and exciting procedures to produce many amazing and unbelievable effects.

However, that alone was not enough for us. Taking it one step further, we decided to integrate the field of Chemistry with something that would reach the hearts of many members of the public; something to fascinate, captivate and blow away witnesses. Thus, cheMagic was born. cheMagic is founded on the principles of Chemistry and magic. ‘Chem’, the informal title for Chemistry, was fused with magic, to form this unique platform and foundation – cheMagic.

In Chemistry, we found the perfect failsafe gimmick for our magic performances, and in magic we found the way to captivate our audiences – a match made in heaven.

Chemical demonstrations were first used by teachers and lecturers in classroom settings to show students the visual wonders of Chemistry. These ranged from simple illustrations such as how a banana would become rock hard when placed in liquid Nitrogen to the more complicated concepts like Thermite reactions. cheMagic is all about surprise and suspense, a manifestation of the properties of chemicals to present to the audience something that they do not expect.

Let us take the example of a double displacement reaction involving Lead Nitrate and Potassium Iodide. When solid powders of these two chemicals are mixed, they form a brilliant yellow colour starkly contrasting their original whitish appearance. If you were doing a Chemistry demonstration, it would give you great pleasure explaining how the Lead Iodide was formed as a result of the reaction.

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