Biology, 8th Edition

Biology, 8th Edition PDF

Author: Eldra Solomon and Linda Berg

Publisher: Brooks Cole


Publish Date: January 9, 2007

ISBN-10: 0495107050

Pages: 1376

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This eighth edition of Solomon, Berg, Martin Biology continues to convey our vision of the dynamic science of biology and how it affects every aspect of our lives, from our health and behavior to the challenging environmental issues that confront us. Recent discoveries in the biological sciences have increased our understanding of both the unity and diversity of life’s processes and adaptations. With this understanding, we have become more aware of our interdependence with the vast diversity of organisms with which we share planet Earth.


The study of biology can be an exciting journey of discovery for beginning biology students. To that end, we seek to help students better appreciate Earth’s diverse organisms, their remarkable adaptations to the environment, and their evolutionary and ecological relationships. We also want students to appreciate the workings of science and the contributions of scientists whose discoveries not only expand our knowledge of biology but also help shape and protect the future of our planet. Biology provides insight into what science is, how scientists work, what the roles are of the many scientists who have contributed to our current understanding of biology, and how scientifi c knowledge affects daily life.

Since the fi rst edition of Biology, we have tried to present the principles of biology in an integrated way that is accurate, interesting, and conceptually accessible to students. In this eighth edition of Biology, we continue this tradition. We also continue to present biology in an inquiry-based framework. Many professors interpret inquiry as a learning method that takes place in the laboratory as students perform experiments. Laboratory research is certainly an integral part of inquiry-based learning. But inquiry is also a way of learning in which the student actively pursues some line of knowledge outside the laboratory. In Biology, we have always presented the history of scientifi c advances, including scientifi c debates, to help students understand that science is a process (that is, a fi eld of investigative inquiry) as well as a body of knowledge (the product of inquiry). NEW In Biology, Eighth Edition, we make a concerted effort to further integrate inquiry-based learning into the textbook with the inclusion of two new features: Key Experiment fi gures and Analyzing Data questions. Key Experiment fi gures encourage students to evaluate investigative approaches that real scientists have taken. Analyzing Data questions require students to actively interpret experimental data presented in the text.

Throughout the text, we stimulate interest by relating concepts to experiences within the student’s frame of reference. By helping students make such connections, we facilitate their mastery of general concepts. We hope the combined effect of an engaging writing style and interesting features will fascinate students and encourage them to continue their study of biology.

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