Bailey & Love’s Essential Clinical Anatomy

Bailey & Love’s Essential Clinical Anatomy PDF

Author: John S. P. Lumley, John L. Craven

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: December 28, 2018

ISBN-10: 113829523X

Pages: 472

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

It goes without saying that anatomical knowledge is the bedrock of clinical surgery and indeed all of medicine. Not only do surgeons in particular need to be fully cognisant of their own specialty requirements but they need to have more far reaching knowledge so as to make thorough clinical examinations, to interpret all modalities of imaging and to deal with trauma and malignancy, which by their very nature know no anatomical barriers. It is therefore a delight to welcome Essential Clinical Anatomy as the first publication into the fold of what we envisage will constitute a Bailey and Love compendium of associated titles. As editors of Bailey and Love’s Short Practice of Surgery we see this anatomy book as very much a companion to the main tome. Although there are snippets of relevant anatomical knowledge in the parent volume, we readily accept that it lacks the detail that is invariably required for a complete understanding of various disease processes and the concomitant therapeutic procedures required to treat them. Essential Clinical Anatomy fulfils this need and all undergraduate and postgraduates who are unsure of the relevant anatomy when reading Short Practice of Surgery will not put a foot wrong if they keep the former close when perusing the pages of the latter.

Essential Clinical Anatomy covers the modern curricula required by most regulatory medical bodies worldwide and hence provides all that is required for relevant examinations. A constant feature of Bailey and Love’s Short Practice of Surgery throughout all its editions has been an emphasis on high-quality illustrations and clinical photographs and we are delighted to see this tradition is very much at the fore in this companion volume. The authors are to be congratulated on assembling the information in a most readable and visual format, which will be considerably enhanced by a variety of anatomical teaching videos that can be viewed via the Bailey and Love website.
While we are confident that Essential Clinical Anatomy will provide the foundation for all those pursuing a surgical career, we also believe it will be of tremendous benefit for all undergraduate and postgraduate students no matter which branch of medicine they wish to pursue, and we warmly commend this book to you.
Norman S. Williams
Ronan O’Connell Andrew McCaskie

The expansion and integration of disciplines within the medical curriculum has reduced time for anatomy teaching, particularly for human dissection, but has not reduced its vital importance. While surgeons need to know the detailed anatomy in their operating field, knowledge of the anatomy that underlies every clinical examination and every radiological/ medical image is an essential component of everyday clinical practice.

This text provides a comprehensive cover of most normal and abnormal living anatomy, essential for students across the world. It addresses the knowledge and skills laid down by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Ameri-can Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA; ‘A clinical anatomy curriculum for the medical student of the 21st century: gross anatomy’, Clinical Anatomy 1996;9:71–99; see also Smith et al., ‘The Anatomical Society core regional anatomy syllabus for undergraduate medicine’, Journal of Anatomy 2016;228:15–23).
The regional approach followed corresponds to a typical clinical examination. The nervous system is included, rather than being covered in an additional text; also included is embryology in sufficient detail to explain many common congenital abnormalities. Wherever possible, information, such as muscle attachments, is tabulated and clinical information is highlighted.

The extensive number of illustrations include surface anatomy, coloured labelled diagrams, dissections, a wide range of radiological, laparoscopic and endoscopic images, and clinical pictures of common diseases. A comprehensive index facilitates rapid location of the desired passages. Self-assessment material is included at the end of each chapter; these multiple choice questions (MCQs), single best answer (SBA) questions (used in the USA and also now more widely), extended matching questions (EMQs) and applied questions reflect styles of examination around the world. The answers and explanations can be found in the text, but additional material is included where appropriate.
The authors bring a combined experience of over 150 years of anatomy teaching at all levels, and present this large volume of information in a palatable, interesting and understandable form, emphasizing its relevance to disease and clinical practice.
John Lumley John Craven Peter Abrahams Richard Tunstall

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