Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function 8th Revised edition

Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function 8th Revised edition

Author: Kenneth S Saladin and Christina A Gan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education


Publish Date: November 1, 2016

ISBN-10: 1259277720

Pages: 1249

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface


New Scientific Content
Saladin’s Anatomy & Physiology, eighth edition, has about 85 updates in scientific content, keeping abreast of new literature and new interpretations of old assumptions, including:
• New guidelines on cholesterol and trans fats (chapter 2)
• New skin-grafting method (chapter 6)
• New coverage of the genetics and evolution of lactose intolerance (chapter 25)
• New federal guidelines for recommended dietary intakes (chapter 26)
• Updates on papillomavirus, genital warts, and cervical cancer (chapter 27)

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New Photographs
This edition contains many new photographs, including:
• Figure 1.10: new brain scans
• Figure 7.20: osteoporosis with kyphosis
• Figure 19.22: coronary artery disease
• Figure 20.1: vascular cast of thyroid gland capillary beds
• Figure 29.7: embryonic and fetal developmental stages

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New Pedagogy
• In each chapter Study Guide, where students were previously prompted to distinguish between five true and five false statements, they are now prompted to analyze the fallacies of 10 false statements.
• This edition deletes 21 increasingly obsolete eponymous terms that are no longer recommended by the Terminologia Anatomica or Gray’s Anatomy (such as Skene glands, Howship lacunae, Auerbach plexus, Hassall corpuscles, and organ of Corti) and replaces them with the standard English terms for easier student comprehension and retention.
• The explanation of units of chemical concentration is moved from chapter 2 to appendix C. Enhanced Concepts Saladin’s Anatomy & Physiology, eighth edition, also updates and enhances about 25 more major physiological concepts in response to user feedback, including:
• Chapter 3: leak and gated channels
• Chapter 4: functions of intron DNA, small regulatory RNAs, and cell-cycle regulators
• Chapter 11: the lactate threshold
• Chapter 12: the vasomotor role of astrocytes, serial and parallel processing in neural circuits, long-term depression and forgetting
• Chapter 14: the role of orexins in the sleep–wake cycle, Bell palsy
• Chapter 16: tactile functions of lingual papillae, function of oblique muscles of the eye
• Chapter 17: stimuli inducing secretion of individual hormones, photoperiod and pineal gland function
• Chapter 18: ABO blood types in hemolytic disease of the newborn, lymphocyte selection in the thymus
• Chapter 20: sympathetic effects on coronary arteries
• Chapter 21: precipitation versus agglutination in antibody action
• Chapter 25: membrane transport of dietary triglycerides, blood circulation of the colon
• Chapter 26: fuller coverage of hepatitis, fuller coverage of core versus shell body temperature
• Chapter 27: structure and function of the male prepuce
• Chapter 28: history of mastectomy approaches, leptin and adiposity in relation to menarche, endometriosis
• Chapter 29: telomere repair and cancer

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