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Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures

Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures

Author: Henry J. McDermott

Publisher: Wiley


Publish Date: September 21, 2004

ISBN-10: 0471454354

Pages: 688

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

Shirley Ness contributed a wealth of valu-able material in the first edition of Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures. I want to acknowledge her contribution to occupational and environmental health in her excellent overview of the entire topic of air sampling.
When gathering information to revise the first edition, I was impressed by the advances in sampling technology that have occurred in the 15 years since Shirley researched the first edition. Today even pocket-size direct-reading instruments dave data-logging capability, which allows them to collect integrated exposure mea- surements. We are also seeing instruments designed be used with hand-held com- puters in the field so that data are stored directly in the computer rather than down- loaded in a separate step. Sensor technol-ogy, microprocessors, and miniaturization have increased the range of direct-reading instruments available, and they also allow sophisticated instruments such as GC/mass spectrometers and Fourier transform infrared devices to be field-portable. Col-orimetric systems continue to develop: More sensitive detector tubes that measure more chemicals are on the market, and useful accessories such as battery-powered sampling pumps have been introduced.
The need air sampling to be performed during terrorism events is another reflection of the changing times since the first edition was published. Air sampling can help to determine whether an event has actually occurred and, if so, identify the agent(s) and quantify exposure levels. To address this need, a completely new chapter on air sampling during emergency response including terrorism events has been added. I appreciate the help of equipment manufacturers and others in providing the photographs used in this edition. Of course there are many quality instruments available other than the ones highlighted in this book; it was not feasible to include all options.
There are a few people who deserve special thanks. Bob Esposito, Jonathan Rose and Lisa Van Horn of John Wiley & Sons were very helpful. Jack Chou of International Sensor Technology graciously per-mitted use of many diagrams and Appendix C on sensor calibration from his fine book Hazardous Gas Monitors—A Practical Guide to Selection, Operation and Applica-tions . Dr. E. C. Kimmel provided the elec-tron microscope photographs of smoke particles to illustrate Chapter 7. Michelle Filby of SKC, Inc. spent extra time providing many photographs in a format that I could use. Galson Laboratories furnished their table of guidelines for air sampling and analysis for Appendix D. Also, a special salute goes to C. W. Pots for editorial advice and general encouragement.
This edition is “dedicated” to all of the air sampling practitioners who perform air monitoring for toxic exposures. They include industrial hygienists, environmen-tal specialists, safety and health technicians, safety professionals, environmental health specialists, chemists, laboratory technicians, firefighters, emergency responders, haz- ardous materials specialists, and others. Each group has unique skills and back- ground; together they work to help protect people and the environment.

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