Advances in Probiotic Technology

Advances in Probiotic Technology PDF

Author: Petra Foerst

Publisher: CRC Press


Publish Date: August 10, 2015

ISBN-10: 1498734537

Pages: 384

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

The development and application of probiotics in the past was oriented toward pharmaceuticals or limited to traditional probiotic foods such as yoghurt. However, these days application of probiotics has been extended to novel functional foods that are targeted at the general population. We both have been working at the Technische Universität München together for a decade in the fi eld of fermentation and drying technology of probiotics and are convinced that these fi elds of research are very vital and will increase in the future along with this trend. Novel probiotic foods require, for example, novel probiotic strains, appropriate cultivation process, and effi cient preservation methods that fi t to the new food matrices or food production processes. Despite the availability of huge amount of scientifi c literature related to health benefi ts, little effort has been made to put together insight related to these technological and biotechnical aspects of probiotics. This is why the book “Advances in Probiotic Technology” was initiated by us.

The aim of this book is to attract and engage key experts in the fi eld of probiotic technology to assemble the latest advances and trends in technology and biotechnology of probiotics into a book. The focus of this book is to present the state of-the art technology for isolation and characterisation of probiotics as well as the production process of probiotic cell concentrate including fermentation, freezing and drying, storage and microencapsulation. A part of the book is dedicated to the use of probiotics in different food products. We are convinced that the probiotic technology is still in its infancy and will become more important in future when the role of microorganisms in the gut is better understood and specifi c probiotic effects of individual strains are elucidated.

The book comprises 18 chapters, that are divided in four parts. The chapters are arranged in such a way that it resembles the probiotic production process, i.e., starting from upstream to downstream processing, and ending with today’s application of probiotics in food matrices.


Part I: Probiotic Cells and The Cultivation
1. Isolation, Identifi cation and Characterisation of Potential 3 New Probiotics
Endo A. and Gueimonde M.
2. A Survey on Established and Novel Strains for Probiotic Applications 26
Salvetti E., Torriani S. and Felis G.E.
3. Probiotic Cell Cultivation 45
Santos M., Tymczyszyn E., Golowczyc M., Mobili P. and Gomez-Zavaglia A.
4. Probiotics as Cell Factories for Bioactive Ingredients: Focus on 77 Microbial Polysaccharides and Health Benefi cial Effects
London L.E.E., Ross R.P., Fitzgerald G.F., Shanahan F., Caplice N.M. and Stanton C.
Part II: Molecular Aspects and Related Techniques
5. Identifi cation and Enumeration of Probiotics 103
Heller K.J. and Meske D.
6. Investigation of Probiotic Functionalities by Proteomics 115
Mazzeo M.F. and Siciliano R.A.
7. Requirements for a Successful Future of Probiotics 139
Hörmannsperger Gabriele
8. High-throughput Techniques for Studying of Gut Microbiota 146
Rousseau C. and Butel M.
9. Engineering of Probiotics for Technological and Physiological 168 Functionalities
Sleator R.D.
Part III: Preservation of Probiotics
10. Freezing of Probiotic Bacteria 179
Béal C. and Fonseca F.
11. Freeze-drying of Probiotics 213
Aschenbrenner M., Foerst P. and Kulozik U.
12. Alternative Drying Processes for Probiotics and Starter Cultures 242
Foerst P.
13. Industrial Aspects of Probiotic Production 256
Clausen A. and Grøn S.
14. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in Freeze Drying 264
Fissore D.
15. Storage Stability of Probiotic Powder 286
Santivarangkna C.
Part IV: Applications of Probiotics
16. Encapsulation in Milk Protein Matrices and Controlled Release 313
Würth R., Foerst P. and Kulozik U.
17. Novel Dairy Probiotic Products 338
Shah N.P.
18. Non-Dairy Probiotic Products 356
Abu-Ghannam N. and Rajauria G.
Index 375

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